How to Remove Grip Tape?

Do you find your tricks difficult due to the loss of grit and traction of grip tape? If you have bald spots on your grip or if you’ve completely ruined it from landing in a bunch of darkslides, it’s probably a good idea to replace the grip tape so you can get that fresh flick and stability. Or you might just want a different grip tape design on your deck to spice up your skateboarding. Whatever the case may be! Your skateboard can look like brand spanking NEW again if you know how to remove the grip tape before applying the new one.

Before applying the new grip tape , you need to remove the old grip tape. Most skaters think that removing grip tape is a difficult task, and some believe it can take about an hour to do. The truth is, grip tape can be removed in less than 5 minutes. Knowing how to remove the grip tape comes in handy, especially if you snap decks frequently or aesthetics of grip tape matter to you, and you like to try every new cool graphic designed grip tapes time to time . New grip will provide the fresh flick and extra grip.

Removing the grip tape can be easy or a bit hard, depending on the quality of your grip tape and the stress the deck has taken during the ride. Very adhesive grip tapes are durable but a little hard to remove. But don’t worry, using heat makes it all easier.

How to Remove Skateboard Grip tape at Home?

All skateboard components takes abuse and over time they lose their life like wheels gets flatspots, decks lose their pop , and bearings become slow. To make your skateboard work efficiently, constant maintenance is required. Replacing grip tape is part of skateboard maintenance and before applying a new grip tape, we have to remove the grip tape first.

Let me explain the method and highlight a couple of simple tips that will make this task as easy as pie.

Following tools you need to pull off the grip tape from your skateboard or longboard .

Things You Need

  • Razor blade or box cutter.
  • Skate tool + Screwdriver to take off your trucks.
  • Blow/hairdryer or heat gun.
Things to remove Grip Tape

Steps in detail for removing skateboard/longboard grip tape on a deck:

STEP 1: Remove the Skateboard Trucks

Firstly, remove your skateboard trucks with a skate tool and screwdriver. It will make peeling off the old grip tape easier around the mounting / hardware holes.

Remove the Skateboard Trucks

STEP 2: Use a Hairdryer to Loosen the Adhesive

With a hairdryer, warm up an area roughly 10 inches (25 cm) along the edge (start with the nose or tail) or rail of the deck. The glue of the grip tape will loosen up by the heart of the dryer, and the adhesive bond of grip and deck becomes weaker. It will easily make the razor blade go around the deck’s perimeter.

Use Hair Dryer to loosen the Grip's Edges.

STEP 3: Use a Razor Blade/Box Cutter to Pry the Grip Tape.

Use a razor blade to lift the edge of the grip tape off the deck. With your blade, slip it under the grip tape about halfway and begin lifting the grip tape off the edge of the deck.

What this does is keep the grip tape from snagging and tearing as you peel it off. Hold the blade at about a 45( angle with the back of the blade up. If you lay the blade flat, it can cut right into the grip tape.

Using Razor Blade

Warning- Be careful as you go around the edge of the deck. Do not force the blade too much. You can end up slipping and cutting yourself or someone next to you. It’s safe and easier just to reheat that section if you feel any resistance.

Once you’ve gone around the deck, lift the edges of the grip tape.

STEP 4: Warming the Entire Sheet

After lifting the grip tape around the edge, warm up the entire sheet of grip tape for about 1-2 minutes, and that’ll help loosen up all the adhesive underneath and make it easy to peel it off in one try.
Avoid overheating as it may rip the grip tape.

Use a Hairdryer to Loosen the Adhesive

Warning- If you don’t heat it up, what can happen is you’ll just peel off a big chunk of grit and resin, and then you’ll be left with the PVC film sheet that holds the entire sheet of grip-tape together left on the board and that is way harder to get off.

STEP 5: Peeling Off the Entire Grip

Now, grab one end of the grip tape at the nose or tail of the deck with one hand and start to peel it off slowly with the other hand. Or placing the board on the ground and putting one foot on it while peeling also works. Whatever works for you.

Warning: Be careful around the mounting holes in the deck. The grip tape may snag there and can tear. If the grip tears, reheat the torn edge and start the procedure again.

Peeling the Grip Tape by pulling it with one hand.
Peeling the Grip Tape by pulling it with one hand.
Peeling the Grip by standing on the Deck.
Peeling the Grip by standing on the Deck.

Some brands will peel more effortlessly than others, and older grip tape is usually more challenging to remove. Once you get halfway, turn it around and start peeling the other side.

STEP 6: Scrap Away Adhesive Residue

The last thing to do is to use your razor blade to scrape away any pieces of grip tape and any raised edges of wood left behind on the deck. It will make it easier to cut the new shape of grip tape applied later.

Any clear/whitish adhesive left on the deck can easily be gripped over. It will not affect the feel or adhesion of a new piece of grip tape. You’re going to put your new sheet of grip-tape right over it.

Inspect your deck if it has a chip or a razor tail and fix it before applying a new piece of grip tape on your deck.


Now you know how to remove the grip tape from your board, and now, you are ready to apply new grip tape on your deck. Pick up the best Skateboard grip tape for optimal adhesion to perform tricks confidently and effortlessly.

Apply the new Grip Tape.

If you are unsure how to apply the grip tape, please refer to our guide on “How to grip a skateboard deck.”

People Also Ask :

Yes, You can remove the grip tape from a skateboard easily. It will make the removal easy if you heat the edges with a hairdryer to loosen the adhesive first. Then use a razor to lift the edges to peel off the grip tape.

Any old grip patches will make the gripping of new grip tape difficult and rough. Also, the new grip will not stick on the coarse surface of the old one. It would help if you peeled off the old grip tape entirely before applying the new one.

You can easily use a pocket knife or a box cutter to cut the grip tape.

Grip tape is an emery or sandpaper type material with one side sticky to adhere to it on any board. At the same time, the coarse side provides traction between your shoes and the skateboard.

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