Best Skateboard Decks (Coolest & Strongest)

Who doesn’t love to skate effortlessly with style and like to turn the heads with his flip kicks, varial double flip, higher ollies,180s, or manuals? A deck with a lot of pop, stiffness, durability, and stability is always preferred by a skater. Whether you are searching for the best skateboard decks for street, park, bowl, and cruising, or you are wondering which deck size should I get? Being a skater myself, I can assist you in picking a perfect deck for your needs. A deck worth each penny.

Choosing the best skateboard deck that enhances your skateboarding skills could be overwhelming. For this reason, our team has tested 175+decks over the years from different skateboard deck brands. We have handpicked the coolest and strongest skateboard decks suited for street and transition skating. We have recommendations for you from some of the best skateboard decks available in the market to compliment your skateboarding style.

Best Skateboard Deck Brands

Without any further delay, let us jump right into our best skateboard decks reviews and factors we should look in a skateboard deck.

Powell Peralta Flight: Pro Skateboards Decks

Material: Maple and fiber glass

Deck Concave: Deep

Deck Width: 9.13″ and 8.45″

Shape: Shaped deck

Style: Street and technical skating

Powell Peralta is one of the very first skateboarding companies and has many best pro riders like Tony Hawk and Andy Anderson in their team. Andy Anderson Heron Flight deck is the craziest board we have ever seen (in a good way). This deck is a great innovation and one of the best-selling skateboards decks out there.

Mr. Andy Anderson has put a lot of thought and years of effort into this board. It is a great transition deck, from whale tail to popsicle. You can ride this board for any style of skateboarding. Worth every penny as they last 3 – 4 times longer than a regular ply deck. Endless pop and the concaves are perfect for transition and mini ramps.

Pro skater Andy Anderson rode Powell Peralta Flight deck in his Olympic run.

Flight decks allow you to extend your limits because they let you ollie higher, flip faster, do tricks more easily. This deck has a serious amount of concave, giving you balance and stability. This deck has a deep concave that lets your feet grip the deck without looking down.

Interestingly, this deck is as thin as a smartphone. It feels lighter than a standard skateboard deck because of carbon fiber film layers. The flight deck is resistant to breaking and has an “everlasting pop” that doesn’t fade as your Flight deck wears slowly over time. This board has five layers of maple and two extra layers of fiberglass, resulting in this board being a lot stronger than any other regular board. The two layers of fiberglass give it the advantage of being light.

This board is for freestyle, street, and bowl skating. It is designed so that the size is comforting for the bowl, shape for freestyle, and balance for the street. That’s why when you are doing the tray flips, impossible, or kickflips, this board generally feels like a regular board whether you are skating forward or backward. Primo nose and tail make primo flips a piece of cake for a skateboarder.

 Carbon fiber top view
Carbon fiber top view

When I got this deck and held it in my hand, the first thing I noticed was its exceptionally defined shape. This board has a plain black top but excellent Andy Heron Skull graphics on the bottom.

The tail of this deck is enormous, giving you extra pop. In addition, the wide tail helps you have control when you are cruising around. It has a serious amount of concave for your foot tricks.

This board is suitable for J watts, flip kicks, front foot impossibles, rail tricks, freestyle tricks, and the list goes on.

After testing, our team concluded that Flight decks last several times longer than a regular 7-ply deck. It is a widely popular skateboard deck, it is sold out in many places. We also waited for this deck to come in stock again.

You can pair a 9.13-inch Powell Peralta Skateboard Flight Decks deck with Independent trucks along with Spitfire F4 99 Classic wheels for an awesome ride.

What We like

  • 5-ply deck with two fiberglass layers.
  • Thin and lightweight to ollie higher.
  • Deep concave for balance.
  • Perfect for street and park skating.
  • Durable, so strong that it can be run over by a car without breaking.

What we don’t like

  • Larger than regular deck if you prefer smaller decks.
  • May run out of stock

In conclusion ,Flight Decks are the strongest and lightest decks available in the market . Flight decks are: Thinner – as thin as your phone and long lasting . Flight decks has an “everlasting pop” that doesn’t fade as your Flight deck slowly wears.

Bamboo Graphic – Best For Street

Material: Maple and Bamboo

Concave: Medium

Width: 7.75″ , 8.0″, 8.25″

Style: Street and Park

Bamboo Skateboards is one of the best skateboard brands that offer quality skateboard decks. Bamboo Skateboard decks are lighter, stronger, and last longer than Canadian Maple decks. These 6-ply decks are constructed with Bamboo and Canadian Maple veneers, which improves the board’s sustainability and makes it an ideal deck for any skill level.

If you are looking for a strong, high-quality, lightweight, and environmentally friendly deck at an affordable price, then look no further! Then this is your board. The pop on these boards is incredible, slides amazingly on rails, and I loved the defined concave and thin shape that compliments my skating skills.

These boards are more flexible and have excellent shock-absorbing features. If you’re doing intense tricks and jumps, the flex and strength of this board will help you land the craziest tricks and jumps without breaking your deck.

Bamboo deck’s steepness of nose and tail
Bamboo deck’s steepness of nose and tail

The deck is softer on your foot, but it has a big kick to get pop. This board comes with a plain wood colour top and a simple yet elegant graphic design at the bottom. I am sure you will have a lot of compliments on its graphics.

This deck works well with Venture low trucks, Ricta cloud 92 a, BLOCK skateboard risers, bones Swiss ceramic bearings and Mob grip tape.

What We like

  • Stronger and more flexible than maple deck.
  • Lot of pop.
  • Medium concave and steep nose and tail for balance.
  • Good for park skating and Slides amazingly on rails.
  • Available in multiple graphic designs.

What we don’t like

  • Deck is thick.
  • Can get stress cracks.

In conclusion, a good price skateboard deck for someone looking for a decent board to get started with. The flex and strength of this board will help you nail your tricks. Try it for yourself and impress all your friends with more pop and cool tricks.

Moose Blank: Most Popular Skateboard Decks

Material: 7-Ply Canadian maple

Concave: Medium

Shape: Standard popsicle shape

Style: Park skating

Firstly, Moose skateboard decks have 7-ply Canadian maple wood construction. Moose offers decks in both dipped and stained colorways. Whether you prefer to see the wood-grain or would rather keep it solid, you are sure to find a deck that matches your style.

Secondly, Moose decks feature a modern shape featuring mellow concave with steep kicks. Excellent pop from the nose and tail—the perfect combination of flex, stiffness, strength, and lightness. Moreover, Moose decks are perfect for entry-level skaters who want to learn control and balance in no time.

Moose Blank Deck Shape
Moose Blank Deck shape

However, some people complain that the Moose blanks are heavy, but it felt pretty average to me. I’ve only skated the thing for maybe a couple of hours, and it felt solid through a street session of small gaps and rails.

Unfortunately, the board is prone to an intense razor tail and will crack if you do complex skating tricks -bummer for pro skaters. If you like cruising in your neighborhood or checking if skateboarding is your cup of tea, you must try Moose skateboard deck.

Due to the blank canvas, many people use these decks as an art project, making it a customizable skateboard deck or a wall hanger. One tip for artists is to prime it before artwork by sanding a bit.

What We like

  • 5-ply deck with two fiberglass layers.
  • Comes in multiple sizes and colours.
  • Sturdy and Light weight with great pop.
  • Perfect for Beginners.
  • Customizable blank deck.

What we don’t like

  • May snap under stress

Moreover, the best thing about this brand is that you can customize your skateboard deck for unique look at an affordable price. It’s a win-win deal.

Enjoi: Most Durable Skateboard Decks

Material: 7-Ply maple

Concave: Mellow

Graphics: Striking designs with Enjoi Panda logo.

Shape: Standard popsicle shape

Enjoi is a famous skating brand among skaters, and this brand aims to enjoy skateboarding which is reflected in their colourful , adorable cartoonish graphic skateboard decks. Their iconic panda logo is sometimes confused with the WWF logo. Moreover, Enjoi also makes lighthearted skate movies for their marketing and has famous skaters in their team, such as Louie Barletta and Caswell Berry…

In addition to skateboard decks, Enjoi makes good quality skate gears such as the wheel, grip tape, and apparel. The Enjoi brand presses one board during skateboard production to achieve the desired concave shape. Whereas other brands press five boards at a time, which sometimes affects the shape of decks, that’s why some decks may feel differently and have lousy pop.

Deck wear after couple of weeks
Deck wear after couple of weeks

Whitey Panda is arguably their most popular and recognizable deck of all. This deck has its iconic white panda graphic on the bottom as the name speaks itself. This beginner-friendly deck is popsicle shaped with mellow concave, which feels good under your feet. If you are looking for a lighter, rigid, and long-lasting deck, the Enjoi skateboard deck is undoubtedly the right choice.

Moreover, the deck has an excellent pop, making this skateboard one of the sought-after gears for beginners. My son skated this thing like mad, done monster ollies, dropped walls and sets, threw it about, and slammed it into posts and walls full pelt, and it stills skates amazing. On the other hand, some people complain about pressure cracks and are not happy that these boards are made in china.

Enjoi decks are budget-friendly with excellent grip and maneuverability. Moreover, It is ideal for flip tricks, varial heelflips due to its lightness. This deck is a breath of fresh air that makes skating fun, but the pop wears out after a few months, unlike Andy Anderson Heron Flight Skateboard deck, which has everlasting pop. On the other hand ,Element skateboard deck and Baker deck would be an excellent alternative to Enjoi skateboard decks. In short ,this popsicle skate deck has lot of pop resulting in higher ollies which you will enjoy for months.

What We like

  • 5-ply deck with two fiberglass layers.
  • Thin and lightweight to ollie higher.
  • Deep concave for balance.
  • Good for street and park skating.
  • Durable, so strong that it can be run over by a car without breaking.

What we don’t like

  • Larger than regular deck if you prefer smaller decks.
  • May get out of stock.

Material: 7-ply maple

Concave: Mellow

Width: 8.25″ x 31.875″

Style: Street and Park

Baker Skateboards is an American reliable skateboarding company founded in 2000 by professional skateboarder Andrew Reynolds and is known for making best quality skateboards, decks, wheels, and grip tapes.

Baker Brand Logo Skateboard Deck is a classic popsicle skateboard deck with a mellow concave, preferred by street skaters. The mellow concave offers optimum feet placement on the board and flipping without sticking to the feet.

It has a 7-ply maple construction, making this deck stiff, robust, flexible and durable. The nose and tail of the deck are wide and mellower, giving your foot plenty of space during nose-slides and tail-slides. It also allows riders more maneuverability and control when setting up for different flip tricks. You don’t feel that you are landing on the edges or your feet sticking, gripping to the deck.

Baker Brand Logo Deck has solid construction resisting pressure cracks and will not chip quickly even if your board is slammed into a wall. If you skate heavy and frequently chip your boards, try using Baker skateboard decks. This deck has long-lasting pop.

Wear of Paul's deck after couple of days.
Wear of Paul’s deck after couple of days.
   Wear of my deck after an hour
Wear of my deck after an hour

You can see the deck is intact with no pressure cracks .Paul ( our team member) did street and park skating for couple of days to check the durability of the deck .We are pleased how this deck held up without losing any pop and retained it’s concave.

The top of the deck where the grip tape goes is brightly coloured, while the bottom of the deck has iconic Baker brand logo graphics, which sure grabs people’s attention while kickflips, ollieing and cruising down the street.

Baker decks are an excellent option if you want to change your deck as these decks are bit flatter which makes transition smooth from old to new deck .

What We like

  • Mellow concave gives you stability and control.
  • Best for kick flips /street skating.
  • Great for beginners.
  • Wide nose and tail.

What we don’t like

  • Deck comes alone without any grip tape.

To sum up ,Baker boards are built to ride and roll and are perfect for all skill-level skaters. These decks are also an excellent and affordable option to gift to someone. You can install Spitfire Bighead to ride this deck on the streets and parks.

Cal 7 Blank: Top Skateboard Decks

Material: 7 ply Chinese maple wood

Concave: Medium

Graphic: Available in various colours

Shape: Standard popsicle shape

Cal 7 skateboards provide quality skateboards and decks at an affordable price, making them popular. If you are a beginner and learning how to glide on your board or working on your ollies, this deck is suitable for you.

Firstly, the deck comes in various sizes and colors affordable. Variety in sizes helps you select the deck that is more suited for your riding style. The blank-colored maple wood allows you to customize your deck with your graphics or paints to stand out among others.

The good thing about this deck is that grip tape is included in the package, and it is as straight as a ruler, with no bends. It is an excellent beginner deck with medium concave for getting comfortable on the board, pushing, stopping, and cruising around.

The shape of the deck is a popsicle with a round nose and tail. The deck is solid with a lot of pop, and you get high ollies.

 Round nose and medium concave of the deck.
Round nose and medium concave of the deck.

The downside of this deck is the grip tape, which dulls down quickly. If you are an intermediate or pro skater and do lots of tricks, then this is not your board. The board tends to flex if you do a lot of tricks and might snap. This deck can’t take the abuse of street skating. This deck is suitable for cruising and learning to ride a skateboard. You can install Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue wheels on this deck which are beginner wheels.

Wear of call 7 deck after 2 hour testing
Wear of call 7 deck after 2 hour testing

Moreover, the Call 7 deck has a decent medium concave, which gives you stability and balances while doing small tricks. If you are a plus-size skater, this deck won’t disappoint you and will carry your weight flawlessly. The deck is durable but tends to get cracks. However, it depends on how you ride the deck. If you go easy, this may last you months.

What We like

  • Symmetrical shape saves you from the hassle of finding nose or tail.
  • Grip tape included.
  • Can customize graphics of your deck .
  • Best for beginners.

What we don’t like

  • Not suitable for technical skating.

Overall, an affordable deck to begin skateboarding with. Symmetrical popsicle shape works for any skate style. Plenty of sizes options available.

Element Section: Strongest Skateboard Decks

Material: 7-Ply maple construction

Concave: Medium

Graphic: Classic branding on bottom

Shape: Standard popsicle

Element skateboard brand have been on the vanguard of skating culture for many years. Element had some of the best skaters of skateboarding world in their team like Nyjah Huston-no 1 ranked skater, Evan Smith, and Ray Barbee.

Element Section Skateboard Deck is probably a deck that’s been ridden or wished by many in their childhood including myself. You can’t go wrong with the Element Skateboard Decks.
Most importantly, Element decks are made from 7 ply maple wood employing thrift construction which makes them environment friendly as wood layers are not dyed. These decks come in a variety of colors and graphics featuring the iconic brand symbol tree and Element name in bold on the bottom.

Mellow concave of the deck
Mellow concave of the deck

These decks are made stiffer and thicker for added strength but remain lightweight with minimal flexing. They are standard popsicle shaped with mellow concave, ideal for every skill level, from entry level to pro. It’s rock-solid with tons of pop and ready to slash the streets.

 My Element deck after an hour of skating.
My Element deck after an hour of skating.

The Element Skateboard Deck is a totally versatile skateboard deck that’s perfect for street, pool, park, and vert. The deck held up great during my manual drops, only paint chip off, nothing collateral.

Pros consider Element decks equivalent to other high-end deck brands such as Baker, Powell Peralta Skateboard, and Vision. The Element Section decks were ridden the most by U.S. Element sponsored team as compared to other decks of this brand.

Moreover ,there are four of options to choose from , Section, Seal Black, Seal Navy , Quadrant Red/Black skateboard decks featuring ELEMENT’s iconic tree logo on bottom.

What We like

  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • Best for street skating, cruising, vert, and all kind of tricks.
  • Sturdy, durable, and Light weight with great pop.
  • Pocket friendly won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

What we don’t like

  • No grip tape included.

Lastly ,the best thing about this brand is that you can customize your skateboard with Element skateboard decks, wheels, trucks, and bearings of your choice along with cool Element apparels.

[CCS] Blank and Graphic: Cheap Skateboard Decks

Material: Canadian 7 Ply Maple

Concave: Mellow

Shape: Standard popsicle shape

Now a days skateboarding has become an expensive hobby as most quality skateboards costs more than $100. CCS skateboard Decks stands out among these decks for being good quality decks at an affordable price. It is an optimum choice for skaters who tend to break their decks and don’t want fancy an expensive decks.

Good thing about these sturdy decks is that they come in variety of colors and sizes, and they are great for wall hangings. I have painted four of these decks for my room wall. These are great for those who love to customize their decks and like to do graphics of their decks.

 Cool Graphics of CSS Deck
Cool Graphics of CSS Deck

CCS skateboard Decks are solid with great pop, shape and decent concave. Maple construction is of good quality giving the deck right mix of flex and stiffness. When I set up this board it just felt like any other regular skate deck nothing different. The shape of the deck is good and comfortable, deck feel good under the feet. I skated this deck through wet pavements and stood on it with wet shoes but the deck held up well. The deck may get pressure crack if you go tough on these decks otherwise, they are durable. You can ride this deck on rough surface with Shark wheels.

I tried this deck with low expectation as this is a low-priced deck, but it surprised me with its durability, pop and feel. I skated this deck on seven stairs and it chipped like any other regular deck would chip. There have been few lands where I landed exactly in the middle of the deck, but it didn’t snap unlike other decks. This deck lasted me more than a month, still have good pop.

What We like

  • Affordable.
  • Available in multiple sizes , colours and graphics.
  • Sturdy, durable, and Light weight with great pop.
  • Best for cruising and tricks.

What we don’t like

  • Board may weakens after street skating.

If you are new to skateboarding and looking for a deck that is lighter on your pocket, then CCS skateboard Decks is the right choice. From first timers to seasoned vets, this deck is for you. It’s a bargain deal. Great value deck for the price.

Blind: Cool Skateboard Decks

Material: Single press Resin-7 construction

Concave: Mellow/steep kick

Shape: Standard popsicle shape

Style: Street/ Park

Well-known distribution company Dwindles earned its respect in the skateboarding community by delivering reliable and high-performance skateboard products. Dwindle is reputable for single pressed constructed decks resulting in solid and durable decks with great pop that last forever.

If you like to cruise along the street or through skate parks, these decks are perfect for you as they give you a comfortable and stable ride, easy maneuver. One cool thing about these decks is that Blind gives you 30 days guarantee against breaking. If you are prone to deck breakage, it’s a bargain deal for you as the company promises that every deck feels the same. One of the blind deck snapped in my session so, I contacted the seller. They agreed to take it back and replaced me with a new deck.

A click of my flip kicks.
A click of my flip kicks.

Blind decks are well-constructed skate decks with mellow concave and steep kicks. Mellow concave enables optimal foot placement on the deck resulting in easier flip-kicks and higher ollies. The deck-top comes in a variety of colors with a small skull Blind logo along with their team’s pro skater names, whereas a cool cartoonish graphic design covers the bottom.

I liked its well-rounded nose, which gave me more control during the nose slides trick because it has more width in that region. The deck is stiff, firm, and has long-lasting pop. The deck is durable, doesn’t get pressure crack, and is consistent in performance.

Steven Vasquez riding Blind deck

Most importantly, this deck is the best budget alternative for high-end skateboard deck brands. It is an excellent deck for kids and teenagers as it comes in small sizes and has a lot of colorful, cartoonish graphic design. If you are a collector and want a deck on your wall, it sure is a good option.

What We like

  • Comes in multiple sizes.
  • Sturdy deck.
  • Head turner graphic design.
  • Excellent for skate parks.

What we don’t like

  • No grip tape included

Over all , a durable and consistent performing deck. Great deck for kids, teenagers, and beginners, learning to do tricks. Blind decks are perfect for nose-slides and they flip fast. These awesome colourful decks can be paired with Powell Peralta G bones Wheels which also comes with cool graphics.

ICE DRAGON: Good Skateboard Decks

Material:7-Ply Canadian Maple

Concave: Mellow

Shape: Twin nose board

Firstly, I would recommend this double tail skateboard for beginners learning to ride the board. The double tail of this deck will save you from the hassle of finding the nose and rear of the deck. Medium concave gives you balance and stability during manuals. Whether cruising or trying tricks such as flip kicks, you will enjoy a carefree ride.

Moreover, ICE DRAGON is an affordable deck. Therefore, it would be a good replacement deck for beginners or skaters who tend to break their decks frequently. These decks are used by many professional skaters due to the fact that they are easy to maneuver.

The board is come in different colours and natural wood color as well. The decks are covered with protective coating to avoid the wear of the deck’s bottom paint . The deck is light but sturdy and is suitable for flat-ground tricks as well as for transition skating. This maple deck absorbs shock and do not break whether you’re skating down a vast stair set or flying around on a halfpipe. Suitable for the ollie, kickflips, and pop-shuvit.

Deck remained intact
Deck remained intact

I tried the deck for flat ground tricks and I was surprised that the deck held up pretty well. There was no delamination or pressure cracks. The deck remained intact, no splitting of plies. The density of wood fibers is very high , resulting in better elasticity. You can use this deck on a trampoline for fun, as this is a lightweight deck.

This deck feels solid, sturdy, and durable for this price. Been skating it at parks and in the streets for about a month now, and still no chips.

Great deck for customized graphic painting
Great deck for customized graphic painting

Many skaters like blank decks to assemble their boards according to their riding style and have a unique look. You can paint this blank deck or can put vinyl graphic designs. In addition, you can put photo of your friends on these decks and can gift them unique customized skate deck.

What We like

  • Best for street and park skating,
  • Double kick deck, suitable for beginners.
  • Light weight and sturdy.
  • Pocket friendly.

What we don’t like

  • May come with scuff marks on the deck.
  • Nose and tail are bit shorter than regular decks.

However, a good alternative for Losenka maple decks would be Stoked Ride Shop Blank Skateboard Deck. Unlike Losenka Maple Decks Stoked Ride Shop Decks are available in multiple colours and sizes.

Vision Psycho Stick: Iconic Skateboard Decks

Material: 7-ply maple

Size L: 30″ W: 10″

Concave: low

Wheelbase: 15″

Shape: Old school deck

The vision was one of the biggest names in the skateboarding industry during the 1980s, founded by a well-known Gonzales -pioneer of street skateboarding. In the late 80’s Psycho Stick decks were the best-selling and most influential skateboard decks owned by every pro skater. So, it’s an excellent opportunity for people of certain ages to relive their memories of skating on Vision Psycho Stick boards.

Vision Original Psycho Stick decks are sure head-turner due to their neon colors, psychedelic prints, and unique cartoonish graphics. It is very similar to the original Iconic board from the 80’s. It could be a great addition if you are a deck collector, also look good as a wall hanging.

Check out the low concave.
Check out the low concave.

Vision Psycho Stick deck is an old-school low concave skateboard deck that is wider than a regular skateboard deck and offers ample space for your feet to balance on the board. The Psycho Stick has a round, short pointy nose and broad squared tail. The deck has a 15″ wheelbase that provides stability and comfort for vert skating and a halfpipe.

On contrary, this deck might be challenging for skaters who prefer smaller decks and do a lot of flip kicks.

The deck has a new school hole pattern to adjust the current skateboard trucks. Assemble this deck with a set of Vision skateboard wheels, Indy Stage 11’s or Gullwing Super pros trucks for a ride in style. This deck is large and a bit of on a heavy side, so I recommend you pair it with lighter trucks for an effortless ride.

Skating the Vision Psycho Reissue Deck

Above all ,its radical cut and screaming graphics have inspired people from different generations. This iconic deck has been a dream of many kids since the 80’s. Get your hands on this “Totally Nuts” piece of history before it runs out.

What We like

  • Low concave offers stability for street skating, half pipe, and mini ramps.
  • Highly recommended for beginners.
  • Radical cut and eye-catching graphic design.
  • Wide deck for perfect balance at higher speed.

What we don’t like

  • Thicker than regular decks.
  • Only one size it available.

Girl Pop Secret : Best Skateboard Designs

Material: 7-Ply maple construction

Concave: Mellow

Graphic: Girl Logo on bottom

Size: 8″ W x 31.875″ L

Firstly, Girl Skateboards used to manufacture skateboards for professional skaters, but they expanded to provide high-quality products to every skateboarder no matter their skill level. This brand now offers many quality products such as complete skateboards, skateboard wheels, trucks, bearings, and incredible skateboard apparel.

Girl complete skateboard
Girl complete skateboard

Girl pop secrete decks are great for beginners because they provide a stable and smooth ride. Entry-level skaters usually damage their boards while learning to ride and try tricks, but Girl Skateboard decks are durable and withstand even the harshest punishments.

Girl Skateboard decks are one of the best skateboard decks that I have ever ridden in my skating career, as you get a perfect balance and control while skating.

Girl Pop Secret decks construction is 7-ply maple wood and carbon resin fiberglass sheet on the top, making it strong. It is an extended, narrow, slightly steep skateboard deck with a shallow concave on the nose and tail, while the wheelbase has a pretty decent concave.

Girl Deck thickness vs Flight and VX deck
Girl Deck thickness vs Flight and VX deck

This Girl pop secrete deck has the same standard shape as most decks: a wide round nose and a pointy tail. The first thing that I noticed when I got the G008 Pop Secret Deck in my hand was that it’s unnoticeably hefty compared to the regular 8-inch deck, which is 1200 g, but it is 1390 g. In above picture you can see the girl deck is at the bottom and is thicker than Flight and VX deck. The deck is tall and steep, and some people might find it challenging to ride. Your ankles need strength to flip these decks for flip tricks.

Girl deck after couple of weeks.
Girl deck after couple of weeks.

The deck has a little bit of flex, but it’s snappy and poppy. The deck could bear tall, heavy riders like 250 lb and doesn’t break at all. I would recommend you use lighter trucks for these decks.

One cool thing about having fiberglass on the top is that the tail doesn’t flex even after multiple hops and stays super stiff. One thing that I wish about these decks is if they make bottom layer fiberglass also, as I chipped nose of my deck after two weeks.

What We like

  • Suitable for every skill level from beginner to pro.
  • Fiber glass top for added strength.
  • Lots of pop.
  • Durable.

What we don’t like

  • Deck is hefty .

I skated this deck for over a month, but the pop stays through till the end. There is no chipping on the top, and the deck still feels stiff. To sum up ,it is excellent for skateparks, and transition skating. Girl Decks are durable and lots of pop that sticks around. Definitely one of the best board shapes

What is a Skateboard Deck?

A skateboard deck is simply a wooden platform where a skateboarder stands while skateboarding. Traditionally, a deck is maple wood construction in which is 7 or 8 thin layers of maple wood are interlaid with water-based glue in between and are pressed together under high pressure to form concave of the deck. Hence allows your deck to flex under pressure and responsive to your movements.

Side of a Deck
Side of a Deck

If you see a deck from the side, you can actually see and count the number of plies your deck is made of.

It is believed that cold weather maple produces tighter wood which gives added strength and mystical pop a skater longed for. This cold weather maple is often referred as Canadian maple which you find most decks are.

Complete Skateboard
Complete Skateboard

A skateboard deck has three parts -nose (front), middle part (wheel- base) and the tail(rear). The nose and tail are the rounded ends of a deck and are slightly pointed or curved upwards depending on the shape of your board. It is believed that decks with steeper nose and tail have more pop as compared to flatter ones. The middle long part is the wheel-base where trucks are mounted. Grip tape is applied on top of the deck to provide grip to the rider’s feet.

In short deck is main part of the skateboard that a rider feels. The style of skateboarding and components you choose for your board are all related to skateboard deck.

Skateboard decks comes in variety of colors, shapes, sizes, weights and designs. It all depends on your personal preference which deck is suitable for your style of skateboarding. Like short or thin boards are suitable for street or vert skateboarding. They are also preferred for tricks by skateboarder whether they are beginners or pros. Wider are best suited for cruising and faster skating.

Factors to Consider for Best Skateboard Deck

A skateboard deck is more than a pressed piece of wood. Size, shape and concave actually defines how your skateboard deck will perform. Choosing the right deck that suits your skateboarding style plays a vital role. The choices of skateboard decks available in the market could be overwhelming, especially for those who are new to the skateboarding world.

When looking for a new skateboard deck, you might have several burning questions like how much it will cost me, which brand I should choose, from where I can buy a deck, if I should buy a complete board, or should I customize it.

Which deck is most suitable depends wholly on the style you want to skate and your personal preference? I will help you out by letting you know how I choose my skateboard deck, and hopefully, that will give you an idea of what factors you need to consider while buying a skateboard deck.

How to choose Skateboard Deck

The main factors you need to consider in a skateboard deck are width, length, shape,concave and graphics(optional).

Skateboard Deck Size

The size of a deck is vital to consider when buying a skateboard deck. While there is no one true answer as to what size deck is perfect for any rider, it can significantly impact your ability to perform tricks or your stability during the ride.


Deck Width Size
Deck Width Sizes

The most fundamental thing you need to look at on your skateboard deck is the width of the deck, not the length. Width is how wide your skateboard deck is, and roughly matches your shoe size. Usually, the width of the deck is labelled on top of a deck. Typically, skateboard decks width varies between 7.5″ to 8.25″. However, old school decks can go to 10 inches wide. There usually is a quarter-inch size increment in the size of the deck. Choosing the suitable width of a deck depends on your height, shoe size, riding style and most importantly, your personal preference.

Some people like to ride a narrow deck, while others like to ride a wider deck. Both types have their pros and cons. Narrow decks can flip faster and are suitable for people who want to do flip kicks and street skate. On the other hand, the wider deck flips slower, but at the same time, the wider board is stable and is easier to land on.

Tall skaters and vert skaters prefer wider decks. If you are having difficulty spinning your board during kickflip, you might need to choose a narrow deck. Whereas, if you are skating a lot of stairs or big things or skate ramps, I recommend you go for the wider deck.

Wider decks are good for faster riding because they have wider trucks that are more stable for higher speed. On the other hand, large decks are a bit heavy, but you will have very safe landings and catches if you have strong legs. So big decks could be suitable for gaps and transitions.
Thinner decks are lighter but harder to deal with at high speed. Therefore, these decks primarily shine in technical skating.

If you are not sure which deck width you should choose, I recommend you start with medium size 8 inches wide deck.

You can also try different width size decks on your own and figure out which suits you. A tip from my experience – always try a deck quarter-inch size up or down of your current deck.

When you find a suitable deck width for your style, I am sure you will stick with that forever or for a while.

The most common way to find the correct deck width is to use your shoe size. The bigger your shoes, the wider the board should be. Here is skateboard deck size chart for you.

Shoe Size Deck Size
US 6(EU 38.5&UK 5.5)7.75″ – 8″
US 7( EU 40& UK 6)7.875″ – 8.125″
US 8 (EU 41& UK 7)8.00″ – 8.25″
US 9 (EU 42.5 &UK 8)8.00″ – 8.375″
US 10 (EU 44 &UK 9)8.125″ – 8.5″
US 11 (EU 45& UK 10)8.25″ – 8.5″
US 12 (EU 46& UK 11)8.375″ – 8.625″
US 13 (EU 47.5 &UK 12)8.5″ – 8.625″
US 14 EU 48.5 UK 13>8.5″

Skateboard Deck Width Vs Shoe Size

Below are some general guidelines for skateboard deck sizes.
7.5″ to 8″ – Suitable for adult riders skating streets or doing more technical tricks
8.0″ to 8.25″ – Skating pool, ramp, rail, and parks 8.25” to 8.5”– Good for park and mini-ramp sessions (most versatile option).
8.25″ and larger -Best skateboard decks for vert, pools, half pipe and cruising.

All in all you can have a blast on a skateboard of any size or shape once you get a perfect deck for your style.


The length of a Skateboard deck is the distance measured between the nose and tail tips. If you are not an advanced skater, you may ignore this factor. Mainly you can adjust the length of your board with your height. The idea behind this is that you should always be able to spread your legs enough to stay balanced on the board. Keep in mind that you should be able to extend your legs on the wheelbase of a deck, not the nose or tail.

Usually, skateboard decks measure 28 to 32 inches long.

You can choose a shorter board as it would help in horizontal rotations, e.g. shouvit or 180s, because a smaller deck is lightweight ,narrow and flip faster. Therefore, they are suited for street skating to perform tricks.

On the other hand, longer would feel heavy to do these rotations. But again, if you have stronger legs, you would get safer catches and landings with more extended decks because you will get more room to balance yourself.

Usually, skate decks are around 31″ – 33″ long. Longer decks are generally wider with a longer wheelbase. Therefore, they are more stable and offer you stability while riding. Professional skaters usually prefer wider skateboard decks. If you like to cruise around and want to improve balance and stability, you should try a wider deck.

Another thing I would like to mention is that if your deck has a very long wheelbase, then the tail of your deck would feel heavier when you push on it because of the leverage.

To choose your deck length, you can refer to the following guide where you can match your body height with the deck length to get a rough idea to start with.

Deck Length Size Guide

Deck Length Size Guide

Body Weight:

Another factor to consider when choosing a skateboard deck is body weight. There’s no such thing as a maximum weight when skating. Skateboarding is possible for everyone. However, be aware that the heavier you are, the higher the chances of your deck breaking if you don’t land your tricks with your feet directly over the trucks.

We recommend deck structures with carbon plies technology like the Powell-Peralta Flight deck, bamboo skateboards or reinforced 8-ply deck that make the deck more resilient for big-boned skaters.

Wheelbase & Mounting Holes:

The wheelbase is the length between the inner first two sets of holes where trucks are mounted. These mounting holes are typically predrilled two sets of four holes for quick skateboard truck assembling. One set is near the nose and the other near the tail.


Mounting holes determine how far apart the front and back wheels will be hence determine the length of the wheelbase.

Wheelbases usually vary from 13 to 15 inches. Many decks have only one set of holes for the truck assembling, but some decks have multiple mounting holes for trucks giving you the option to adjust the wheelbase.

The length of the wheelbase has a significant impact on the performance and comfort of your ride. For example during pop, in the case of a shorter wheelbase, you will feel the front of the deck lighter. On the other hand, a longer wheelbase will make the front of your deck feel heavy, but your deck will lift higher from the front, resulting in a lot of pop.

Longer decks normally have longer wheelbase (the distance between your front and rear wheels) as compared to the shorter decks. A longer wheelbase will increase your stability and increase your turning radius. Again, the stability increase with a longer wheelbase is beneficial during transition skating. Longer wheelbase decks weigh more and are less responsive, doing flip tricks and maneuvering hard.

With shorter wheelbase the deck is more responsive, feels quicker, and is easier to do a trick. Hence suitable for street skating. A shorter wheelbase deck has a smaller, sharper turning radius which means your board will turn sharply. But the downside of a shorter wheelbase is, it’s hard to get a lot of pop.

In short, your experience of riding a board will determine which wheelbase size is suitable for you. It all depends on your personal preference. Commonly, a shorter wheelbase is ideal for short riders, and a longer wheelbase is best suited for tall riders.


Effective Foot Platform

EFP means Effective Foot Platform. Unlike wheelbase, which measures the distance between mounting holes, EFP describes the area on the top of the deck that riders stand on to control the board.

Nose and tail:

The nose is the front of the deck, while the tail is its rear. If you are a beginner, you will find it hard to differentiate just by looking at it.

Nose and Tail

However, nearly all the decks available have graphics labelled that identify this difference. The nose and tail make it possible to ollie, drop in and perform most tricks and maneuvers in street and transition skating.

Many skateboard decks have a bigger kick on the nose and a mellower kick on the tail. Decks that have a steep nose and tail are suitable for street skating. Decks lacking a curved nose and tail are great for cruising.

Deck Materials


Ply is number of thin layers of maple wood or bamboo that are glued and tightly pressed together to form a skateboard deck. This construction gives the deck enough sturdiness without being too heavy. The typical skateboard deck is seven-ply, and most boards aren’t over nine-ply. Skateboard deck construction is usually labeled on the packaging. Skateboard decks are usually made of hard rock maple. Over the years, skateboarding companies have come up with other alternatives to construct a deck like bamboo, fiberglass or carbon fiber plies. However, typical 7-ply maple decks are still preferred by skaters due to their pop, crisp and responsiveness.


One thing to keep in mind that skateboard decks are not meant to last forever. You can extend the life of a deck by keeping deck away from water and not putting your deck under lot of abuse. Some skaters tend to snap their decks quite often due to high impact tricks. For a casual skater, a deck may last for several months.

If you like to jump a lot of stairs and do a lot of tricks, try using decks designed with layers of fiberglass, carbon fiber or other materials for added strength and retain pop.

Skateboard Deck Concave

The performance of your deck highly depends on the concavity of your deck. Concave is simply the drop between the rails of the deck to the center of the board. It is commonly measured as the vertical distance which is 1/4″-3/8”. Other than nose and tail the decks are not exactly flat, there is a curvature across the width. The decks are concave to avoid snapping and to allow controlled ride.

The concave of a deck affects the feel under your feet, as well as the way deck responds to your movements.

Concave allows you to feel the shape of deck under your feet. Concave of a deck not only affect your stability and foothold but are aimed for different style of skateboarding. Being able to locate your feet on the deck without having to look down is highly beneficial in all types of skateboarding. The concave of a skateboard deck will likely go unnoticed to most entry level skaters.

The concave of decks may slightly vary among different brands. Most brands describe concave as low, medium, or high. You can decide which concave is most comfortable for you by trial and error.

If you are a beginner, I would recommend you start with a medium concave skateboard deck.

There are three main types of concave – mellow, medium and steep.

Deep concave:

Deep Concave

Deep concave decks have steep sides means a more pronounced dip between longer sides. A deck with a deep concave holds your feet better – (the more you feel the shape of the deck under your feet). This helps you locate your feet on a deck without looking down on the deck which come handy when you are riding at higher speed or carving around a bowl.

Deep concave decks are better for technical and street skateboarding because it helps you flip the board faster. Vert skaters prefer to have a steeper or more pronounced concave deck because they need speed, balance, and grip to perform tricks.

Steep concave decks are for pro skaters who do advance trick which involves lot of flipping, for example double flips, hard flips, and inward heelflips.

Steeper concave improves deck rigidity because your feet won’t land flat on the deck. Some skaters feel deep concave decks uncomfortable as it causes soreness in the feet.

Deeper concave makes the deck stiffer resulting your deck having crisp feel and strength.

Medium Concave:

Medium Concave

Medium concave decks are popular deck preference for many skaters. These are not too flat not too steep.

Boards with medium concave are great for beginners or those not sure what kind of concave they like. Majority of skateboard decks are medium concave. If you want to ride street, do flip kicks and transition, then medium concave deck is for you.

These board are easy to catch, and flick without sticking to the feet.

Low Concave:

Low Concave

These decks has low curvature along the longitudinal sides .Low concave decks have stability that suit transition skaters the best. They can be a perfect choice for gaps ,vert and impact skating. These deck feel comfortable under your feet as there is more flat area for foot placement.

However, with low concave decks you must flick harder for flip tricks as you don’t get the pop from the longitudinal sides. Many popsicle and modern shaped decks have low concave for transition skating.

Flat Concave:

Flat Concave

Flat concave decks are designed with minimal concave that is relatively flat. This gives a lower center of gravity, which enhances stability, but reduces agility (control of the board). Flat concave decks give you space for optimum foot placement. You can feel the plenty of flat surface under your feet and allow your feet to comfortably move and position themselves on the deck.

Mostly old-school decks, cruisers, and longboards are flat concave and are best suited for commuting.

Skateboard Deck Shapes

We mainly refer to the deck shape when we talk about skateboard deck shape. The shape of the deck is also an important factor while buying a skateboard deck, as it usually determines your skateboarding style. Now a days skateboarding is not stick to only one style of deck shape. Different brands offer decks in a variety of shapes to choose from. For street skating, bowl, vert, and cruising skaters prefer different deck shapes. For this reason, different deck shapes have been developed over the years to best suit individual requirements.

There are four main types of skateboard decks, and each deck type is suitable for a particular skateboarding style. Standard deck( popsicle or modern shaped deck), old school deck, cruiser deck, or a longboard deck, which deck shape is best for you? That’s what we are going to figure out.

Standard or Popsicle Skateboard Deck:

The popsicle double-kick is THE standard or street or modern school skateboard deck.
It’s the board you’ll find most people riding in skateparks, vert, and street skating.

Popsicle Deck

Popsicle Decks are shaped like popsicles or Band-Aids. They are symmetrical with a round nose and tail. These decks are not, however, completely flat. Both ends of the deck curve upward, creating kicktails. These Kicktails allow a skater to perform tricks suck as nose-slides or varials and easily maneuver the board.

Standard popsicle decks are the best skateboard decks for beginners because they work well for all styles of skateboarding. They are typically ridden with hard wheels, making landing easy during tricks.

Best for: Street/Park/Freestyle

Recommender for : Beginners

Shaped Skateboard Deck:

Shaped Deck

In modern skateboarding, any skateboard deck that isn’t a popsicle or a longboard is considered a “shaped” deck. It is the same length as any standard deck but broader. These decks don’t have a round nose and round tail but rather a squared tail and a pointy or squared nose. Shaped decks come in various shapes, but they tend to fall somewhere between a popsicle and a cruiser in design.

Shaped decks were designed for transition skaters who wanted to enjoy the occasional street session. These are prefect choice for transition as they are ridden with wider trucks to get high speed.

Shaped or fun skateboard decks can be used for freestyle street skating and transition. Moreover, they also offer smoother, more stable rides while cruising.

Best for: Bowl/Vert/half pipe

Recommender for : Beginners/Pro skaters

Old School Skateboard Decks:

Old School Deck

Old School decks, also known as pool or bowl decks, designed similar to vintage 80’s skateboard decks. These decks features longer wheelbase and a single kicktail. . Moreover, these decks come with an asymmetrical shape of width more than 8.25″ and are broader than standard decks.

Interestingly, these decks are more stable for bowl skating and transportation because of wider trucks and larger wheels. Extra width and short noses make old school decks hefty and more difficult to flip or ollie. Therefore, they are not ideal for street skating, where skaters do a lot of flip tricks.

Nowadays, skateboarding companies are making a reissue of their iconic old school decks with modern concave and truck holes. Whereas the vintage old school decks are now worth thousands of dollars.

Old School boards are for you if you like skating ramps , cruising or carving the streets. For these decks it is preferable to choose cruiser wheels or street wheels for complete setup.

Best for: Pool/Vert/Cruising



Cruisers are typically wider than standard skateboards, providing more space for foot placement ,offering more stable ride . They usually have a small curved tail, flat nose, and softer wheels for gentler, smoother rides. A Kicktail of the cruiser enables the rider to perform an ollie up a curb if needed during commuting. 

Unlike standard skateboards, cruisers usually have single kicktail or none at all. They are meant for leisurely riding or commuting because of easy maneuverability. Cruisers are generally fully assembled and “Ready to Skate.” They are lighter and nimbler than longboards. Cruiser are usually of same length to standard decks but have many different shapes.

Best for : Cruising, Commuting, Learning balance for skateboarding



If you’re not interested in doing tricks and desire a skateboard to push around for transportation, longboard skateboards or cruisers are the right choices. As the name implies, a longboard deck is longer than a standard skateboard deck. Longboard decks have many different shapes, but their length classifies them. Longboard decks are 34″ or longer.

If you are looking for a large stable board that makes it easy to learn to balance, these are the boards for you. They are ideal for cities to get you from point A to B.

Kicktail – The Pop of the Deck

The upward curve on the end (nose and tail) of a skateboard deck is called a Kicktail. It allows you to maneuver the board and do the ollies and tricks required in street skating. The front kicktail is the nose, while the back kicktail is the rear of the deck.

Single Kicktail:

These skateboard decks come with a single kicktail, meaning they have a flat nose and upturned tail. Cruisers and old-school skateboard decks are mostly single kick decks. These decks are suitable for commuting, cruising the streets and bowl skating.

Double Kicktail:
Double Kicktail

Modern skateboard decks come with both upturned ends meaning they have a kick on both the nose and tail, and it is essential to have it for sharp turns, slides and pivots. Popsicle decks are the perfect example of double kicktail decks, and they are great for park and street skating. These decks allow skaters to easily do tricks like kickflips, Fakie, and pop shov as they enable you to skate in both directions.

Skateboard Deck Types

Please refer below to our quick selection table to choose skateboard deck that suits your skateboarding style and skills. Also selecting the best skateboard wheels that matches your skating style plays a vital role as all wheels are not suitable for all styles of skateboarding.

Deck TypeSkill LevelKicktailRecommendation
Standard Skate Decks (Popsicle)Beginner/ProDouble kicktailBest for tricks in street and parks.
Modern Shaped DeckPro /BeginnerSingle/double kicktailBest for transition skating.
Old School DecksBeginner/ProSingle kicktailBest for bowl /pool skating and transportation.
CruisersBeginnersSingle kicktailBest for commuting.
BeginnersSingle/no kicktailBest for Cruising.

Skateboard Deck Graphics

Skateboard artwork is genuinely an artwork these days that you can see on the bottom of a skateboard. They are canvases for all kinds of art. You can see abstract work, tattoo style art as well as photographs on the deck.

Whether you’re cruising the street, doing tricks at the local skate park, or carving up the bowl, graphics of the skateboard deck sure are always a head-turner. Skateboard companies have always put an effort on the graphics of the deck. Great artists like Jim Phillips spent decades designing the graphics.

Cool Skateboard Designs
Cool Skateboard Designs

Graphics of a skateboard deck has nothing to do with the performance of a deck. Most skateboard decks feature intricate graphic design at the bottom of the deck because skaters apply grip tape on the top.

For many skaters, a graphic that appeals to them is a factor for purchasing. Come on, who doesn’t want a deck with cool graphic designs and show off that ridable artwork while ollieing.
Personally, I would not compromise the size, concave and shape of a deck that suits my style over breathtaking graphics as far as I want to skate that particular deck. Instead, I would purchase another deck for graphics and hang it on my wall.

However, skateboard companies always develop decks featuring graphics to pay tribute to their pro skaters. Thanks to their creative artwork decks, these skateboard brands have developed a loyal following. I understand many skaters are passionate about the coolest graphic decks and want to support their favourite pro skaters or brand by purchasing those decks. There are many people out there who are deck collectors, and for them, graphics is the vital factor to purchase.

Skateboard Deck Protection:

Moreover, many people like to customize a blank deck with their artwork or vinyl stickers or photographs. A few rail slides would render the graphics on the bottom of a deck, but you can protect it from wear. If you want your graphics to last longer then try using skateboard deck rails. Please refer to the following video for learning deck’s graphic protection.

Skateboard Deck Warranty

It is something that most people are unaware of, that some skateboard decks have a warranty, and it could be deciding factor while purchasing a deck.

For instance, Powell Peralta decks come with a warranty of 120 days, meaning you can send it back and get a new one if you see some nods or you break it quicker than expected.

Their products are warranted against delamination due to defects in material, workmanship, or glue that could affect the deck’s life. If you feel your skateboard is defective, you may send it back to repair or exchange.

It happened to me once that my deck broke in an hour of skating, and I was not doing any stress skating. So, I contacted the seller, and they sent my deck back to the manufacturer and let me have the new one. In short, I would recommend you try to negotiate with the seller even if the deck packaging doesn’t mention a warranty. There is no harm in trying.

Final Recommendations

best skateboard decks

All in all, there is no hard and fast rule in skateboarding. It is a free-will sport for fun lovers. It’s all your personal preferences, which deck is comfortable to ride.

If you are a beginner, don’t worry much about the shape of the deck. You can always try different sizes and shapes of the deck, and chances are, if you love skateboarding, you might want to try other decks in any way.

We’ve honestly reviewed each skateboard deck for you, and we have mentioned the best options that we came across in our skateboarding career.

These are top recommendations from our heart.

Now it’s your turn to pick one and set off on your thrilling skateboarding journey. If you have any further questions or suggestions, you can comment under this post and email us. Make sure that you share this post to benefit other skaters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, it all depends on your skating style and how often you skate. Skaters who street skate and do a lot of tricks tend to break the deck more often than people who use the deck for cruising. If you are a beginner and learning the tricks, chances are you might land in the middle of the deck rather than on the trucks, hence might snap your deck. Skateboarding companies offer decks with carbon fiber or glass fiber layers and maple layers for added strength. Powell Peralta, Girl Pop Secret, Santa Cruz VX offer the most durable decks in the market.

The best skateboard deck for street skating is the standard, modern skateboard deck (popsicle) . Their narrow symmetrical double kick and medium concave shape help skaters flip the deck faster and do tricks with ease. Skaters usually prefer 8.0″ – 8.5″ wide decks to get higher ollies. Street or technical skating requires a lightweight, sturdy and durable deck because the deck goes under a lot of abuse. Powell Peralta, Baker, Bamboo, Enjoi, and Girl offer most durable decks for street skating.

Powell flight deck is the most durable skateboard deck available in the market due to its breakthrough technology. Powell Peralta flight decks use five hard rock maple veneers and two carbon fiber veneers, one on the top and one in the middle for added strength. They are lightweight and sturdy have significant long-lasting pop. Once it starts to wear, the fiberglass can cause your skin to itch. Santa Cruz Vx, Bakers and Girl Pop Secret decks are reinforced durable decks.

A razor tail is a condition of a skateboard deck when the tail of your skateboard has chipped down, creating a sharp tail edge. It is most commonly caused by dragging a skateboard’s tails against the ground while stopping or doing tail slides tricks. When your skate deck develops a razor tail, your board loses its pop, becomes more likely to chip or crack. It also affects how high the board gets from an ollie and other flip tricks. Eventually, it causes the splitting of the plies of a skateboard deck.

• Use a Tail Guard. One of the best ways to stop razor tail is to install a tail guard at the end of a deck. They add a buffer between the tail of your deck and the ground, hence prolonging the deck’s life.
• Sand Your Deck heavily against the edge to flatten the edge. As you sand down, you will remove the thin pieces of wood, which are called veneers. You’ll see the board beginning to get its shape back as you continue to sand. It is the easiest and fastest way to repair a razor tail and will only remove about 1/8-inch of your tail.
• Avoid dragging your tail for stoping or nose slides and manuals.
• Apply Carbon Fiber thin layer at the bottom of the deck for added strength.

Street and park Skating

Skateboard decks between 7.75” and 8.25” are most suitable for street and park skateboarding. These decks are narrow, lightweight, and easy to flip and get higher ollies. If you are a shorter person or have smaller feet, narrow decks will suit you.

• 7.5″ to 8.25″ deck for street /technical skating.
• 8.0″ to 8.5″ for pools, ramps, parks, and all-around skating.
• 8.5″ above vert, pool, and cruising.