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An exquisite selection of gears for outdoor chills.

We feel pride in helping our readership discover the deluxe gears for an unlimited adventure.

What started as a simple outlet for our obsession with outdoor gears eventually becoming something much more. Hours spent researching led to an accumulation of knowledge on the subject, which in turn inspired this project–Awesome Tackles. We are a group of enthusiastic sportsmen who co-founded this website in 2022.

You will find the website beneficial and interesting if;

  • You like skateboarding, longboarding, surfing, snowboarding, biking.
  • Need a detailed review of any outdoor equipment for adventure.
  • Looking for “how-to ” articles or buying advice for any gear .
  • You are interested in some knowledge base articles so you can get into the outdoor adventures with ease.

The outdoors is a great place to explore, but not always an easy one. There is a jungle of different types of sports gears for all sorts adventure seekers, however question is – what’s right for you? We’ve spent countless hours researching and testing out because ultimately we want everyone who visits awesometackles.com feel confident about their next big outdoor sport gear purchase. With our vast experience, we can offer you guidance and expertise that will be sure to meet your needs.

About the Team:

Cameron V. Nelson


Cameron is a passionate skateboarder from Jacksonville, FL and since his childhood he has been skating in Kona Skatepark. From thriving skateboard community , he has seen many professional skateboarders in his career. Forrest Edwards is one of his favorite skater. Cameron likes Street and skatepark skating equally. He skates with so much creativity and power that you can watch him skate for hours. He loves giving skateboard lessons to all skill level skaters in skateparks. He has a deep knowledge of skateboarding honed from travelling and competing all over the world. Cameron is currently taking care of all our skateboard reviews and articles . Cameron has covered everything he can think of so you won’t have anything left unanswered.

Whether you’re just getting started or looking for a new challenge, we have the information to help get your adventure off on the right foot. So if there’s anything at all that could be improved upon in our articles please let us know!