Best Skateboard Brands ( Best Skate Brands For Street and Beginners)

Skating ramps, cruising the streets, flip tricks, skating rails, and ledges are fascinating, but selecting a quality board suitable for your style highly impacts your riding experience. Who doesn’t want to own a head-turning, cool graphic designed skateboard from the best skateboard brands in the market? Skateboarding gained popularity in the late 70s, and since then, it has been continuously evolving and has secured its position in Olympics. There are no hard and fast rules in skateboarding; it’s all personal preference.

Whether you like to cruise the street, do the tricks, or skate in a park or commute, you fancy a board that feels good, lasts longer, and gives a stable ride. The skateboarding world is rich with dozens of the best skateboard brands offering boards for every style and skill level.

Top Skateboard Brands

Many skateboard companies have earned a loyal fan base over the years because of their quality skateboards and gears and have become the industry’s top skateboard brands.

Santa Cruz -Best over all

Best Over all

Santa Cruz

Powell Peralta- Versatile skateboard brand

Best for all Skating

Powell Peralta

Blind Skateboard brand- Best for young skaters

Best for Young Skaters


Creature skateboard brands- best for transition

Best For Transition


Baker-Best for Park Skating

Best for Park Skating


Best Skate Brands

It’s probably a question that beginner skateboarders or people new to skateboarding ask more than the people who have been skating for a while; what is the best skateboard brand? As skateboarding enthusiasts, we test dozens of skateboards independently, offered by some of the best skateboard brands in the market, to determine the quality and performance.

Santa Cruz : Popular Skateboard Brand

Santa Cruz has been the best skateboard brand globally for over 40 years, manufacturing innovative skateboards and artwork from the beginning ’til the end. Richard Novak and Doug Haut founded Santa Cruz, and the company is one of the most recognized skateboard designers in America.

The brand has been creating trendy boards for decades with excellent construction and craftsmanship using North American maple wood, which provides a smooth sliding experience while also being stylish enough to be enjoyed at any age or skill level.Tom Asta, Eric Dressen and Devin Flynn are some of their pros and are absolute legendry skaters.

The “Screaming Hand” graphics designed by Jim Phillips Sr. in 1985 is the primary logo of the Santa Cruz brand. The logo has become a skateboarding icon and is recognized widely throughout the skateboarding community.

Outstanding Products:

The brand offers top-notch skate products like plain decks, longboards, cruisers, old school shaped boards and even apparel, whereas the following items performed exceptionally well in our testing sessions.

Santa Cruz skateboards and decks have an excellent standard popsicle shape; it’s not too steep nor too mellow. It’s not going to have a flat feel to it, and it’s also not going to hinder your flip tricks in any way whatsoever. In addition, it is suitable for riding transition.

Santa Cruz is super innovative and has taken the lead by manufacturing the lightweight and strongest V.X. Decks using fiberglass technology. These days V.X. decks have got the hype and have become the preference of pro skaters. Whether it’s street skating, cruising or transitions, they never disappoint you in terms of pop, strength, durability and performance. It can bear abuse without losing its pop, kick and concave.

Slime Balls Wheels are great all-around cruiser wheels with a smooth ride and high versatility. Whether you’re cruising around town, filming or dropping in at the skate park, this wheel has got you covered.

If you wanna, just cruise around, you might try out Santa Cruz Youth Land Shark Cruzer. The Turning is smooth and almost effortless. The wheels are super quiet, even on the roughest pavement.

I would recommend using a clear grip tape for Santa Cruz boards’ colourful and eye-catching graphics. It sure will be a head-turner setup.

The brand offers products for all genders, ages and skill level skateboarders and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Powell Peralta: Popular Skateboards

Powell Peralta is the most popular and oldest American skateboard company, founded by George Powell and Stacy Peralta in 1978. The company gained popularity in the 80’s when skateboarding began maturing as a sport. Powell-Peralta’s impact on skateboarding is unmatched, and they have the honor of designing the most influential skateboards of the 80s.

The brand has always been riched with top-notch, and influential pros in their teams like MIKE MCGILL, BUCKY LASEK, RAY COREY, BRAD MCCLAIN, and ANDY ANDERSON. Powell features head-turning ,vibrant and iconic graphics designed by one of the industry’s most well-known illustrators, Vernon Courtlandt Johnson.

Best Performing Products

Powell offers quality, durable skateboards and gears for all skateboarding styles and skill levels, including;

Powell Peralta has covered it all, whether you are a beginner or like to cruise the streets, skate the parks, ramp, pool, or a pro skater, and do technical street skating. In our test sessions, Powell Peralta products have always impressed us with their performance, designs, and durability.

The most popular, innovative, and best-performing product of Powell Peralta is the Flight Deck. These decks are insanely robust, lightweight, and durable- the most technologically advanced skateboard deck on the planet. Powell Peralta Andy Anderson Flight is one of the best-selling decks in the market. These thin, lightweight decks make flip tricks easier and let you ollie higher, hence suitable for street / park and transition skating.

Powell Peralta’s reissued their iconic decks from the ’80s, featuring original graphics, shape, and spoon nose concave for skaters who like to cruise the street, mini ramps, or skate transitions.

Moreover, the brand also offers a top-quality, affordable complete skateboard setup for beginners and kids. Powell Golden Dragon Complete Skateboard is extremely popular among young skaters. It has high-rebound, hand-cast polyurethane wheels that provide a great roll and grip for street and park skating.

In addition , the brand also offers top-quality wheels in varying sizes and hardness suitable for all skating styles. The brand also offers durable and highly adhesive grip tapes with cool graphic designs. Powell Peralta G-Slides 85a Skateboard Wheels are for street and park skating. Powell Peralta G-Bones will give you an excellent cruiser ride if you like to cruise.

Overall, the brand offers top-notch skate products for all skating needs.

Creature: Best for all Skateboarding Styles

Creature: Best for all Skateboarding Styles

Creature Skateboards serve you the best if you are into wide decks and creepy,horror-themed, ghoulish and thrilling graphics. The brand initially founded by Russ Pope in 1994, but the brand was put on ice for half a decade when Pope left the company. Later in 2005, Lee Charon and Darren Navarrete brought the brand back to life.

Creature gained popularity due to its shaped and wider decks and has become one of the most loved brands by transition skateboarders—well-known skateboarders like Darren Navarrette ‘The Vert Vampire’ and Lee Charron ride for the Creature brand.

Today, the brand offers a wide range of decks, complete skateboards, apparel, rails, and accessories.

Worth Mentioning Products:

Creature skateboard decks are the most loved product of this brand, offering various shapes and sizes. Creature decks stand out due to their unique eerie green color and creepy details and graphics such as the iconic Creature logo, dragons, devils, skeletons, and snakes. The decks are solid and durable, with seven-ply Maple construction.

Most importantly, the company offers standard popsicle, shaped, and wider boards compared to other brands, serving all skateboarding styles- Street/park and transition.

Creature pays attention to the deck’s graphics and always comes up with unique artwork by famous artists like Thomas Fernandez, Sam Hitz, Kilas, and many others. If you are a deck collector like me, I highly recommend checking their deck collection. You might end up buying the whole series like me.

The Creature also offers V.X. decks featuring five plies of maple and 2 layers of Quad X technology for added strength. These are thin, sturdy, resilient, and have a lot of pop. I find these boards suitable for tricks, sliding ledges, and ollies.

Moreover, if you have no time to customize your skateboard or are a beginner, Creature Skateboards also offers pre-assembled and customized skateboards – ready to roll. The board has strong trucks w/ 90a bushings for easy turning. The complete skateboard comes in standard popsicle shape in various sizes suitable for cruising and street/ park skating.

In addition, you can also install rail offered by Creature to prevent the graphic chipping off.

Overall, Creature offers robust, durable, responsive boards with long-lasting pop and consistent concave and kick. An exciting brand and trademark of horror-themed graphics particularly loved by young skaters.

Globe Skateboard: Best for Beginners

Globe Skateboard: Best for Beginners

Globe is an Australian brand started by professional skateboarders Matt, Steven, and Peter Hill in 1994. It is a well-recognized international brand for its quality and high-end skateboards, cruisers, longboards, surf skates, components, clothing, and skate shoes. You can get complete sets ready to shred or customize your setup with a vast range of components. The brand provides you with a complete package for all skill-level skaters and riding styles. Our team tried many products from this brand and found them of high quality and durable.

Outstanding Products:

The most outstanding products of Globe are;

Globe manufactures both shaped and standard popsicle decks for street riders. The decks have 7 ply Canadian maple construction using epoxy resin, making them stronger and durable. Decks are individually pressed for consistent concave and kick, ensuring each deck feels the same. Their premium deck features carbon fiber impact discs around the truck area to prevent deck snapping. The deck gives you a lot of pop, flips easily, and lets you ollie higher.

Globe Complete Skateboard:

It comes fully assembled to shred the streets. Full concave deck, Tensor Alloys with hollow kingpins trucks and 53mm 101a wheels, making it ideal for street skating and tricks. The complete setup is lightweight, enabling you to perform tricks efficiently. The small size and 101a hardness make it suitable for technical and park skating.

Globe Cruiser:

If you are a beginner or casual skater, we recommend checking their complete cruiser collection featuring features mellow concave with medium nose and tail kick. ABEC 7 bearings and large soft cruiser wheels let you skate at high speed with stability. Suitable for all-terrain surfaces. Whether you skate to a corner store or a rough surface, wheels glide over cracks and bumpy asphalt like it’s nothing. Allow you to glide, carve or slide any surface. If you’re looking for a beginner board and want something that will last you for months, this is your board.

Skateboard Shoes:

Globe also earned its reputation by providing quality shoes for street skaters and surf skaters. Their skate shoes were one of my favorites while growing up. Tested and approved by our team riders that these shoes last as long as other high-end skate shoes. Their skate shoes are designed to wear in the city as well as on the ocean side or in the mountains.

To sum up, the brand offers a vast range of board for all skill level skaters. We highly recommend this brand to entry-level skaters. It’s a one-stop shop for skateboarders.

Enjoi: Top Skate Brand for Beginners

Enjoi: Top Skate Brand for Beginners

It is a relatively new skateboard brand created in 2000 by famous skaters Marc Johnson and Rodney Mullen and is distributed by Dwindle Distribution.

As the name implies, the brand aims to “enjoy skateboarding and have fun!’ The liveliness is reflected in their stylized panda and colorful, adorable cartoonish, witty graphics with an undercurrent of humor.

Enjoi’s iconic panda logo is often confused with the W.W.F. logo. Moreover, Enjoi also gained popularity by creating lighthearted skate movies featuring their pros and amateurs skaters. The current team includes famous skaters likeBen Raemers, Caswell Berry Deedz, and Zack Wallin.

Outstanding Products:

The company attracts skaters by producing quality skateboards and accessories for all skill levels. Enjoi offers a wide range of decks, complete skateboards, accessories, and apparel such as shirts, belts, and hats.

Whitey Panda complete skateboard is the most popular and recognizable board of Enjoi. This beginner-friendly board has a popsicle-shaped deck with mellow concave, offering optimal foot placement for a stable ride. The Enjoi skateboard features single pressed, resin 7 Canadian maple Construction with Epoxy Resin Glue offering strength and long-lasting pop.

The complete board includes softer bushings for easier turning. Wheels formula is perfect for park and street skating. The wheels are on the softer side-92a, 52mm, more for cruising and not so much for doing tricks. If you are looking for a lighter, rigid board for young or entry-level skaters learning tricks, the Enjoi skateboard is undoubtedly the right choice.

Enjoi skateboard setup

Moreover, the Enjoi deck has an excellent pop, making it one of the sought-after gears for beginners and pros. I skated this deck in my local skatepark and did monster ollies, dropped walls, b/s and f/s shove it, heelflip, and kickflip. I am impressed that the deck held up pretty great, with no pressure cracks.

In addition, the cool graphics of Enjoi sure are a head-turner. For deck collectors, Enjoi offers a variety of colorful decks to hang on the walls. Enjoi skateboards are a breath of fresh air, making skating fun for all skill levels.

Element: Famous Skateboard Brand

Element: Famous Skateboard Brand

Element skateboard has been on the vanguard of skating culture for many years, offering some of the best quality decks and complete skateboards made with premium, performance-focused materials at an affordable price. Element had some of the best pro skaters on their team like Nyjah Huston-no 1 ranked skaters, Evan Smith and Ray Barbee.

The Element Skateboards are of excellent quality and built at a reasonable price.

Outstanding Products:

The brand offers quality gears for all riding styles in various sizes. Following are the most popular products of Element that are worth trying for the ultimate skating experience.

Element Section is probably the most popular and ridden skateboard featuring the iconic tree logo and Element name in bold on the bottom. Moreover, Element Skateboard Decks, offers a high-performance ride you can depend on, day in and day out. The deck is made from 7 ply maple wood employing thrift construction, making it environment friendly as wood layers are not dyed.

Element Section Skateboard setup

Element skateboards have a standard popsicle shape with decent concave . They have a huge nose and a little bit smaller tail, but it still has a pretty good concave. The Element decks are super light, snappy, and crispy, making them suitable for tricks like backside flips, 50-the 50s, flip tricks, nose slides.

The brand offers decks and complete skateboards in various sizes and cool graphic designs for all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned skater or looking for a skateboard for a kid, Element offers all the gears you need to build a complete setup. Element boards are suitable for street /park and transition skating.

Another worth mentioning product of this brand is Element Flat Bar for those who like to grind and learn sliding the rails or make movies. It slides and grinds very well with no stick. This flat bar is sturdy, easy to adjust the height (and angle), and is the best value for your dollar.

To sum up, Element offers all the gears for Skaters who love building their boards! Easy to assemble! Skateboards are suitable for every skill level from beginner to pro and all riding styles.

Blind: Coolest Skateboard

Blind: Coolest Skateboard

Blind Skateboards was founded in 1988 by no other than creative skate legend himself Mark Gonzalez. The company began under World Industries distribution owned by Steve Rocco. Blind skateboard put out a skateboarding video, “Video Days,” in 1991- one of the most famous and influential videos in skateboarding history.

After Gonzalez left, the company came under Dwindle Distribution, who earned a reputation for their single press manufactured decks, which guarantees a consistent shape and concave across the decks.
Blind’s team is stacked with many famous pros like Jordan Maxham, Kevin Romar, Jake Brown, Ronnie Krieger, Tj Rogers, and Mickey Papa.

Outstanding Products:

The famous grim reaper has been the company logo for many years. Blind offers quality skateboard gears that incorporate;

Blind Skateboards and decks are popular among hardcore and young skaters because of their sturdy, durable and steep concave decks.

In addition, Blind Complete skateboard is a great-looking complete setup for young riders and entry-level skaters. Narrow size, standard popsicle-shaped boards are lightweight and easy to flip. The mellow concave and steep nose and tail enables street/park skaters to perform tricks efficiently with no impediment. The board features strong pop and longer deck life to bear the abuse of street and technical skating.

The board comes with Tensor Trucks featuring a hollow kingpin to shave weight, making them light and easily maneuverable. The complete skateboard is economical for young skaters and people starting skateboarding.

However, skaters who like to do a lot of tricks and skate parks might customize their setup with Blind skateboard decks and wheels. The decks are sturdy lightweight with a steep nose and tail. Ideal for street/park skating, sliding rails, and ledges. Narrow-sized decks let you explore many skateboarding styles without struggling with oversized heavy boards.

The outstanding feature of Blind Skateboards is the cool graphics on their decks. The stylish graphics are particularly famous among young and street riders.

Blind has regularly produced skateboarding videos featuring their pro riders skating the streets since the beginning. Overall, a quality skateboard brand with bold graphics at an affordable price.

Baker Skateboard: Famous Skating Brand

Baker Skateboard: Famous Skating Brand

Baker Skateboards is an American skateboarding company founded in 2000 by professional skateboarder Andrew Reynolds but owned under Blitz Distribution. The company has grown into a successful skateboard brand with an image unique to the skate industry.

Today, Baker is one of the most popular skateboarding companies, offering quality skateboards, gears, and accessories, including jewelry, backpacks, and stylish stickers. Their current team includes an elite group of pros such as

Outstanding Products:

Firstly , the most popular products are O.G. shaped Baker Brand logo deck and complete skateboard. The deck is traditional 7-ply hardwood maple; the board strikes a balance of strength, durability, and flexibility. Baker decks and completes are available in various colors featuring unique graphics such as skeletons, skulls, dogs, and most iconic are the Brand name logo “Baker” in red/white and black/white.

Baker’s “O.G.” is a mellow flatter board with a more rounded nose and tail, offering more room for foot placement while doing nose slides and tail slides. I particularly like the medium concave doesn’t sore your feet even after hours of street skating. There is no annoying kind of grippiness or foot stucking while doing kickflips.

A solid board to build up your confidence in skating. The board is sturdy, and I did hardcore skating like skated rails, ledges, stair sets, tre flips, and flip tricks, but my board got no pressure cracks. The board is hard to chip; however, you may get some razor tail only after prolonged usage.

Moreover ,the complete Baker skateboard has a popsicle-shaped deck, Baker Raw finish trucks, 52mm 95a wheels for a softer, more forgiving ride, and Abec 5 Bearings. It comes assembled and is suitable for beginners or young skaters. This skateboard is designed for street/ park skating.

However, if it’s not your 1st setup, you can mix and match Baker deck with any skateboard wheels, grip tape , trucks and bearings to customize your skateboard suitable to your riding style.

From skateboard gears to apparel, Baker offers all you need for endless days of riding. When it comes to skateboarding, you cannot go wrong with Baker!

Flip: Durable Skateboards

Flip- Durable Skateboards

Flip Skateboards is a United States-based international skateboard company, initially founded in the U.K. as Deathbox in 1991 by Jeremy Fox and pro skateboarder Geoff Rowley. The brand moved to California (Skateboarding home) in July 1994 and changed the name known to “Flip” to capture the massive American skate market. Professional skateboarder Ed Templeton welcomed the company and its riders and provided local support.

The brand gained a lot of popularity in America in short time because of their excellent skate team riders such as Jeff Rowley and Tom penny- known as one of the most naturally gifted and talented skateboarders on the planet. Not only that, five team members of Flip skateboard have won the Thrasher Skater of the Year Award.

The brand produces high-quality complete skateboards, skate gears such as decks and wheels, and cool T-shirts. Flip products are distributed globally by U.S. company N.H.S. Inc and in Europe by H.L.C.

Outstanding Products:

Flip Decks are particularly hyped up and the most talked-about product of this brand. Their decks are probably ridden by all the pros, intermediate riders, and influencers on social media. Flip design pretty fascinating board as they have a very steep concave on them but have a little nose and tail. Therefore, it helps in learning the flip tricks. I learned a lot of flip tricks on this board, and my flip tricks just got more consistent. In addition, the board doesn’t chip easily or get a razor tail.

Moreover, there are various colors, graphics, and sizes to choose from, suitable for your personality and riding style. You can get a complete skateboard or customize your setup.

Flip customizes setup

Most importantly, Flip boards are ideal for every skill level, from beginner to pro. H.K.D. Deck and complete skateboard by Flip are rock-solid with tons of pop and ready for a staircase, pool, or street skating. Flip is worth trying if you have large feet, want a wider board, or are prone to deck breakage. Flip boards are suitable for street/ park and transition skating.

Skaters have always preferred flip Skateboards due to their deck’s high quality, durability, versatility, and affordability. The brand mainly offers two decks of construction- regular 7 ply Canadian maple deck and P2 models featuring an oval-shaped Kevlar fiber inlay spreading from nose to tail. A few years back, the P2 model gained popularity because it offered more pop than other decks and lasted longer in terms of stiffness. These decks were thin, light, and resilient. If you can get your hands on these decks, we highly recommend them trying.

Anti-Hero Skateboard: Best for Park and Transition Skating

Anti-Hero Skateboard: Best for Park and Transition Skating

The pro skateboarder Julien Stranger and Jim Thiebaud started the iconic Anti Hero Skateboard brand in 1995. The sole purpose of this brand was to enjoy skateboarding. Anti Hero is currently owned by Deluxe Distribution.

The team riders include:

  • Austin Kanfoush
  • Raney Beres
  • John Cardiel
  • Peabody

What Anti-Hero Offer?

Antihero boards stand out due to their decent concave, in conjunction with slightly wider decks. Their boards are known for comfort and control. They provide the same high-quality wood press boards for all skill level riders without discrimination of pro deck or beginner decks.

The boards are solid sturdy, offer a lot of pop, and exhibit low-torsional flex. The brand boards shine out due to their incredibly striking graphics. There is a vast range of graphics, including skulls, iconic bald eagle, and many more eye-catching pieces of artwork.

Anti Hero Classic Eagle graphic deck is one of their outshining deck. The standard popsicle shape, slightly-wider nose, medium-concave make it suitable for street and park skating. It is designed for all skill level skaters, enabling them to perform tricks efficiently.

The Antihero complete skateboard is perfect for kids, teenage skaters, and adult skaters to learn skating, flip tricks, and transition ramps. Suitable for grinding rails but big enough to get above the coping in the skate park. The complete skateboard is lightweight and designed for landing kickflips, ollies, boardslide, and grinding on ledges and rails.

These boards are for you if you love skating bowls, pools, riding at a brisk pace, and skating gaps. Antihero also offers a full concave, steep profile kick designed shaped decks with plenty of wheelbase and length. The wider shape really helps when skating mini-ramp or bowls or transitions, allowing you to grab onto the board nicely.

Anti-Hero skateboards are an authentic core skate brand featuring loud, wild, vivid, and eye-catching graphics, like their rip-roaring team. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, the brand provides you with the board for street, park, pool, bowl, and transition skating.

Zero Skateboard: Best for Street Skating

Zero Skateboard: Best for Street Skating

Pro skateboarder Jamie Thomas started the famous Zero skateboard brand in 1996 as an answer to the mediocrity in skateboarding in that era. The brand has been the true representation of the rebellious culture of skateboarding for the past few decades.

The brand has been the winner of Thrasher Magazine King of the Road competitions for three consecutive years – From 2004 to 2006, beating other skateboard companies such as Girl, Toy Machine, Darkstar, Flip, Element, and Almost skateboard. At the start, the brand manufactured only apparel, but with time, it evolved as a top-notch skateboarding company producing top-quality skateboard decks, accessories wheels, and other gears.

What Brand Offers?

Zero skateboards mainly target freestyle street skateboarding. You’ll find their team riders mostly skating giant gaps, rail, staircases in skate videos created by the brand. The brand offers a standard popsicle-shaped deck and board with steep concave.

The deck construction is traditional 7 ply maple wood. The graphics don’t fade off easily due to board slides, unlike other decks. The board has a nice medium, a bit steeper concave; however, the nose and tail are not too steep nor too flat, providing a good reference point for a frontside shove and 180s.

The board proved to be durable sturdy and held the shape really well when used for tricks like primo, board slides, lipslides. It enables you to perform flat ground tricks like flip tricks smoothly.

The fans most loved the classic Zero and Skull graphic decks. Zero complete skateboards come preassembled, ready to shred the streets with popsicle deck and small, hard duro wheels make them suitable for learning the tricks, sliding, and grinding.

The brand also offers colorful skate wheels, primarily designed in a smaller size for street and technical skatepark skating.

We loved how durable and responsive the Zero Skateboards are during our testing sessions. I thoroughly enjoy Zero Skateboards’ innovative products.

To sum up, Zero skateboards offer high-quality skateboard decks and complete skateboards for beginners and pro skateboarders.

What are the Best Skateboard Brands?

What are the best skateboard Brands?

The best skateboard brands are the ones producing high-quality and durable skate products to meet the needs of modern skateboarding for all ages and skill levels.

Commonly, you’ll find most beginners or entry-level skaters asking this question,” What are the best skateboard brands?” or “Who makes the best skateboards?” Therefore, our team decided to test dozens of skate products from different brands. We tried many skateboards and skate gears in different circumstances like streets, local skateparks, and indoor parks to determine the outperforming products.

After hours of test sessions, we ranked different skate brands as the best skateboard brands based on the following factors.

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Affordability
  • Warranty and customer service
  • Graphics
  • Skateboard components/accessories
  • Team riders


The quality skateboards are lightweight solid and hold up the shape nicely even under stress skating. The board is constructed with 7 ply hard rock maple wood using epoxy resin, or the deck has fiberglass layers for added strength.


Nobody wants a board that snaps in the first session, or board layers comes off due to inadequate construction. The durable skateboard and its component make your riding experience pleasant. Meaning the board’s Pop lasts longer, and it doesn’t chip off or get razor tail quickly. The skateboard components like trucks, wheels, bearings, and grip tape last longer. For example, skateboard trucks don’t bend, wheels don’t get flat spots quickly, bearings don’t slow down or make noise, and grip tape doesn’t lose adhesiveness or come off. Remember to clean the wheels, bearings, and grip tape for the long life of your skateboard.


Offering good quality, affordable skateboard products to its fans is another essential factor that makes a brand as best skateboard brand.

Warranty and Customer Service:

Today, most skateboard companies warranty their products against manufacturer defects. Good customer service always inspires the customer and earns loyalty for the brand.


For most skaters like myself, the board’s graphics and artwork are crucial factors in purchasing a skateboard. Well, in skateboarding, looks matter. A brand offering eye-catching, vibrant, and unique graphics always gets the skateboarding world’s limelight. Boards featuring graphics dedicated to team riders always receive the fans’ appreciation. Many deck collectors just buy the decks for their graphics and love displaying them on their walls. Many skateboard brands come up with a series of cool graphic boards designed by famous artists to stand out.

Skateboard Components/Accessories:

The brands offering a range of skateboard components and accessories are the top choice of skateboarders. It allows them to customize their skateboard setups without a hassle. Cool stickers, banners, caps, and clothing make a brand outshine and get the fans’ love.

Team Riders:

In modern skateboarding, team riders are an essential factor in the success of a brand. Leading skate companies are capturing skateboarders attention with top level pro team riders and influential skate video. The skate videos featuring team riders always get the attention of skateboarders. Most skaters like to buy the board that their favorite skateboarders are riding.

Therefore, skateboard companies sponsor top skateboarders and include them in their teams. In addition, companies also manufacture and design boards dedicated to their team riders for marketing and getting customers.

Good Skateboard Brands

Good Skateboard Brands

There are thousands of skateboard companies in the market offering good quality skate products. Based on hours of test sessions, we have ranked a handful of brands as the best skateboard brands. The good thing about skateboarding is that there are no hard and fast rules. It’s all about personal preference, whatever suits your style and work for you.

Moreover, there are plenty of other good skateboard brands offering top-quality products to their customers. Following are some more suggestions for a good skateboard brand. If you can get your hands on any board of these good skateboard brands, you will surely enjoy riding these brands.

What are the Best Skateboard Brand for Your Riding Style?

It is always good practice to figure out your riding style before buying a skateboard. The skate companies design different board shapes for riding styles like cruising, street/park, and transition skating.

In addition, companies manufacture boards for beginners and pros, allowing you to select a board based on your skill level.

Here are some more suggestions for the best skateboard brands to choose from, based on riding style and skill levels.

Best skateboard Brands for Beginners

We suggest selecting a standard popsicle-shaped board of width matching your shoe size for beginners. You can check the skateboard size guide here. If you are unsure, you might start with the 8.0” to 8.5” board to learn to ride.
Following are the brands you might start your skating journey with;

Best Skateboard Brands for Street

Street and free-style skateboarding is the most popular style of riding. It would be best to consider the following factors before purchasing a board for street skating.

  • Narrow Popsicle shaped deck (8.0” to 8.5”)
  • Lightweight deck and trucks for performing tricks efficiently.
  • Small-sized wheels( 48mm-54mm) with hardness higher than 90 a duro.
  • Wheelbase 13”-15”.
  • Good adhesive grip tape with an excellent grip.

Below are some of the best skateboard brands for the streets.

Best Skateboard Decks Brands

Best Skateboard Decks Brands

All skateboard companies offer various deck shapes in multiple sizes to customize your skateboard to all skill-level skateboarders. Whether you are a beginner or pro, we highly suggest customizing your skateboard setup to find what works best for you. If you get bored of your current board or want a new graphic design, buying a new deck will give life to your skateboard. Following are some suggestions to select the best skateboard deck for your need.

Final Verdict

We have recommended the best skateboard brands based on the performance of the boards in our skate sessions. We’ve been skating for a long time, and We’ve skated a lot of different brands, and these are the top skateboard brands that stood out to us the most from the best skateboard brands in the market.

In conclusion, all the brands mentioned above are from top skateboard brands and offer the best quality durable skate products. You can buy any board from these best skateboard brands, and I am sure you’ll love riding them. You can pick up a board if you like its graphic or your favorite rider’s board. Experiment with different skateboards because you might want to try boards of different sizes and shapes as you learn skateboarding.

For instance, if you are a beginner or searching for a skateboard for a kid, it would be best to purchase a complete skateboard. Learn the basics and determine your style and what suits you before customizing your skateboard set-up.

Purchasing a good-quality board from top skateboard brands is an investment. It guarantees an incredible riding experience. Now it’s time for you to get a skateboard for an unstoppable adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to get back into skateboarding. What should I buy?

We suggest you start with a beginner-style skateboard setup assembled with a standard popsicle-shaped 8.0”-8.5” wide deck, mid-sized( 53mm-56mm ) wheels of medium hardness (85 a to 97 a Duro), Independent trucks, and Mob Grip tape. Choosing a bit wider board at the start for stability is recommended. These are just initial guidelines. Later you can try out and find out what works best for you. It is all about what setup you enjoy riding.

How much should I spend on a skateboard?

For a decent quality skateboard from a reputable company, you need to spend at least $100. It’s better to pay more for a quality skateboard as it may last you for months. Cheap skateboards might snap or chip off after a few sessions or even after 1st session. In addition, the quality of skateboard components matters in the long life of a skateboard.

What are the Worst Skateboard Brands ?

Unfortunately, many companies are manufacturing cheap and low-quality skateboards. These boards tend to snap or chip easily. We advise avoiding the following brands to save yourself from the worst riding experience.

  • Walmart
  • Osprey Skateboard
  • Airwalk Skateboards
  • Maple Skateboards· Black Label

We suggest it’s better to avoid these boards based on our experience and other consumers’ opinion. It would be great to choose any skateboard from a reputable skateboard brand for a superb riding experience.

What are the most popular skateboard brands?

Powell Peralta and Santa Cruz have been two leading skateboard companies for decades. The popularity of a skateboard brand also depends on the graphics of their board and riding team. Famous pro skateboarders like Tony Hawk, Nijah Huston, and Shaun White affect the popularity of the brands they ride for.

What are the top 10 skateboard brands?

Based on our experience and customer’s opinion, the top ten skateboard brands that continue impressing their fans with the quality board are

  1. Girl Skateboard
  2. Creature skateboard
  3. Powell Peralta
  4. Blind Skateboard
  5. Santa Cruz
  6. Zero skateboard
  7. Element
  8. Baker
  9. Enjoi
  10. Deathwish

These brands are just the tip of an ice burg . Any board from a reputable skateboard brand would work for you if you put effort into learning the sport.

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