Best Complete Skateboards (High Quality& Affordable for all Skill levels)

Finding a hard time assembling all the skateboard components? Well, pre-built complete skateboards are a treat for those who want fully assembled skateboards, ready to shred right out of the box. Starting the skateboarding journey with the best complete skateboard enables novice riders to learn the sport efficiently and boost their confidence.

In addition, professionally assembled complete skateboards always feel good and encourage skaters to extend their skateboarding skills.

Skateboard companies offer a variety of pre-assembled skateboards far hassle-free, incredible riding experience. Therefore, we have tested a handful of complete skateboards and have picked some of the best complete skateboards based on durability, affordability, and stability. 

Best Skateboard Complete

Here are our top three recommendations for the best complete skateboards ready to roll.

Best for street and skateparks

Best for all skill levels

Creature Skateboard Completes

Best for all ages and all styles

How do I know My Skateboard Size?

To determine your skateboard size best way is to match the deck’s width to your shoe size.

Complete Skateboard Size Chart

Complete Skateboard Size Chart

It is recommended for adults to choose a complete skateboard of width 8.0″ whereas young riders can start with 7.5″ to 7.75″ wide skateboards. If you are unsure, you can refer to skateboard size charts for that.

Best Pre-Built Skateboards

All skateboard brands offer skateboards in different sizes and shapes for all styles of skateboarding. For instance, they got plenty of complete skateboards to offer for the street, park, transition skating, or cruising and commuting.

Powell Peralta Ripper One – Cool Skateboards

Powell Peralta Ripper One - Cool Skateboards
  • Deck Size: 7.5″ x 28.65″
  • Wheel Size & hardness: 53 mm 90a
  • Deck Shape: Standard popsicle
  • Medium concave 7-ply construction
  • Powell Mini Logo 5″ trucks

One of the topnotch offerings of Powell Peralta is Ripper One Off Complete skateboard featuring the most iconic skateboard graphic of all time, “The Ripper,” illustrated by legendary artist V.C. Johnson in the 80s.

Firstly, it is an excellent quality complete skateboard for young riders and skaters who like narrow boards and wish to learn or do a lot of tricks. It has a 7-ply birch wood construction to offer a stiff, solid, durable board with a lot of pop.

The deck is a narrow standard popsicle with medium concave, suitable for street and park skating as the setup is lightweight and easier to flip. Moreover, silicon carbide grip tape provides excellent traction for stability and control in all weather conditions.

High rebound, medium 90-A hardness wheels offer a smooth ride and excellent grip. These wheels are fast, durable, and slide and roll great in the street and skatepark. The wheels work well for cruising and are not hindered by tiny rocks or cracks.

Ripper skateboard is equipped with  Mini Logo™ trucks featuring soft bushings to offer easy turning. I have been skating this board for a while now, and it still feels incredible to ride – wheels roll very smoothly and quietly. Moreover, it performs exceptionally well for tricks such as 360s, sliding the ledges, and flip tricks.

Overall, the skateboard allows skaters to roll and turn with confidence when they begin skating, and it stands up to the stresses and impacts of the advanced street, park, and ramp skating. You might want to try the eye-catching Ripper graphic t-shirts matching your skateboard.

Santa Cruz Classic Dot– Great Skateboards for All Skill Levels 

santa cruz classic dot- great skateboards for all skill levels
  • Deck Size: 8.00in x 31.25in 
  • OJ Wheels: 52mm
  • Wheel Hardness: 95A Duro

One of the leading skateboard companies, Santa Cruz offers fully assembled top-performing skateboards for the street, park, bowl skating, or just cruising. This skateboard is equipped with a sturdy, durable 7-ply standard popsicle deck featuring the iconic Classic Dot graphic on a black deck. 

Moreover, the deck is lightweight super strong featuring medium concave to offer a stable ride without soaring your feet. In addition, professional-grade grit grip tape gives you excellent traction making the board easy to ride.

I have always been a fan of Santa Cruz skateboards because of their eye-catching sick graphics and insane pop. This board is no exception; it is durable, solid, and poppy- tricks like ollies, manual, heelflips are so easy on this board. 

Moreover, this skateboard has a wider nose and tail for easy foot placement and shorter wheelbases for easy turning.

I took this board to my local skatepark for testing, and I was thrilled with tons of pop (my ollies have never been higher), backside 180 pop shove it, nailed them off the box. People wanting more pop, height, to go faster, and more space to land on must try this fantastic skateboard.

Moreover, robust and lightweight cast-aluminum Bullet trucks w/ 90a bushings provide easy turning. In addition, durable wheels w/ 95a hardness offers optimal grip, and they roll fast and smooth whether you cruise in the street, skateparks, or bowl. Suitable for all skill levels. 

Tip: If you are just entering the skateboarding world or like to skate the bowl/ transition, we recommend trying Classic Dot 80s Cruzer for a more stable and high-speed ride. You also might wanna try Santa Cruz Classic Dot t-shirts to match your board. 

Buy your kid the Classic Dot Super Micro to ride along with you.

Cal 7 Complete – Good Quality Skateboards

cal 7 complete -good quality skateboards
  • Deck Width: 7.5″-8.0″
  • Material: 7-ply Maple
  • Wheel Hardness: 99A or 100 A
  • Wheel Size:  52 mm
  • Aluminum trucks

Cal 7 offers quality, affordable complete skateboards in varying graphic designs for people on a budget. The board has a medium concave deck made with durable 7-Ply Maple wood in multiple sizes, whatever suits you.

The deck has a standard popsicle shape and has decent pop. This double kick skateboard is designed for starters or more advanced skaters to shred streets and skateparks.

Street formula wheels 52 mm or 53mm of hardness 99A or 100A perform well on smooth surfaces as well as on bit rough places. In addition, these small and hard wheels let skaters perform tricks efficiently without getting any wheel bite because the skateboard comes equipped with riser pads. If you intend to do freestyle and park skating, we recommend you go with a small 52mm wheel of hardness 100a Duro for consistent control and a smooth ride.

Cal 7 Skateboard Testing

Moreover, sturdy and lightweight aluminum trucks make this skateboard setup easy to carry around, and 95A bushings provide easy turning and carving. Interestingly, each skateboard is unique, equipped with components that complement that board’s shape and size. Therefore, this skateboard is versatile for all Skaters and all skill levels.

This board has covered you all, whether you are cruising the street or performing tricks like kickflips, heel vaials, 50-50, or hitting the park for the first time. Cal 7 offers you a good quality skateboard that Doesn’t Break the Bank.

Creature Skateboard Completes for Vert and Street

Creature Skateboard Completes for Vert and Street
  • 7-Ply Hard Rock Maple
  • OJ 52mm 95a Wheels
  • Cast-aluminum trucks

The Creature has gained massive popularity in the skateboarding industry over the past few years because of its durable and sturdy skate products. Creature’s aesthetics are influenced by B-Movie iconography- dark and horror-related graphics.

The brand offers relatively wider boards reflecting their focus on heavy transition skating, unlike other brands primarily offering narrow boards for street skating only. Creature offers a massive range of sizes, from narrow to widest boards.

You might find these beasty boards a bit hefty if you do technical skating, such as skate ledges and manual pads; however, the steep concave makes flip tricks easier. Either you like to cruise or learning the basic skateboarding, you would enjoy these stable and sturdy boards.

Creature skateboard has been one of the strongest boards I have ever skated. It’s been a while I owned this board, and I was mainly skating park but skated the streets too .This board got slammed into walls landed on wrong, chipped, and honestly, it’s still in great shape.

The Creature comes from the same distribution that carries Santa Cruz, Indy trucks, and Bronson bearings, and they are pretty much peak technology.

Creature boards are not made for transition only; in fact, it is a great joy to skate the street. Moreover, these boards are really responsive, and the pop is exceptionally high.  The skateboards are equipped with 53mm wheels of varying hardness, letting you choose a board suitable to your riding style.

We recommend starting with a soft wheel setup and later on switching to harder wheels if you are a beginner or getting a skateboard for a kid.

Blind Complete -Best Pre Built Skateboards for Parks

  • Construction: 100% 7-ply Maple
  • Wheel Diameter: 52mm
  • Wheel Hardness: 92 a Duro

Blind Skateboards never miss impressing its fans, whether it’s skate videos or quality skate products. The brand offers quality complete skateboards in varying cool, eye-catching graphics for young and adult rippers.

The skateboard comes fully assembled, ready to roll right out of the box. It features a 7-ply maple deck with medium concave and steep kicks to offer strong pop and durability for withstanding any trick you can throw at it. Single press standard-shaped deck, making it the perfect choice for street and park skating. Backed up by street formula Blind 92A 52mm wheels that roll fast and smooth and don’t get flat spot quickly.

In addition, the deck is stiff, firm, and has long-lasting pop- it can withstand the abuse that young or beginners may throw. We skated these on staircases and handrails, but they held up really well and didn’t get any pressure cracks by stress skating.

Perfect skateboards for the beginner’s first rodeo. Blind complete skateboard setups are designed and intended for young, beginner adults and pro skaters. Tensor trucks and shielded bearings offer easy turning and fast roll. Comes ready to ride straight out of the box and is ideal for every skill level. Anyone can skate street, pool, park, or vert with these incredible, easy ride Blind complete skateboards. Ready to skate right out of the box.

For pre-teen kids, we recommend getting boards of width 7.5″ to 8.0″  having soft 83a Duro wheels, offering more grip make it easy for kids to ride the board with more stability. If you or your kid intend to learn tricks or skate in the skatepark, then harder wheels 92 a setup will be a great choice.

Minority– Best Cheap Skateboard for Beginners

minority- best cheap skateboard for beginners
  • Deck Size: 8.0″ x 32″
  • Durometer Hardness:   102A
  • Wheel Size: 52 mm
  • Age Range: Adult and youth

A pocket-friendly skateboard by Minority, mimicking the quality and performance of high-end skateboards. These boards are equipped with 7-ply maple decks of mediate concave makes them ideal for any tricks or street ride. The decks feature strikingly attractive graphics ranging from trendy to vintage, which surely would turn some heads in skateparks or the street.

Moreover, this phenomenal Minority skateboard is equipped with a sturdy deck, pretty decent-sized wheels, bearings, and quality Minority trucks(the most durable component of this setup). The lightweight aluminum trucks equipped with 78A high rebound PU bushings provide easy turning and carving. This easy maneuvering lets skaters perform tricks efficiently.

ABEC-9 precision bearings enable 52mm 102A PU wheels to roll fast and smooth. I noticed about the wheel that even though the brand claims wheel is 102 Duro (the hardest side of the spectrum), they feel a bit soft. Perform better for cruising and skating smooth surfaces.

In addition, the wheels are too grippy initially, but they are entirely different after some wear-off. To be honest, the wheels and the grip tape you might wanna change if you like to do tricks or skate ledges or mini ramps. After a few sessions, the grip tape material tends to tear from the edges.

Overall, a Minority skateboard is of good quality and worth buying. A bargain deal for beginners and young riders entering the skateboarding world.

Anti-Hero- Good Complete Skateboards for Cruising

Anti-Hero- Good Complete Skateboards for Cruising
  • Dimensions: 8.25″ x 32.2″
  • Bearings: ABEC 5
  • Wheels: Anti Hero 53mm
  • Bushings: 90A
  • Trucks: Raw
  • Material: 7-Ply Maple

Anti-Hero is another famous brand that meets modern skateboarding needs and offers wider boards for people with bigger feet or who like wider boards for a  stable ride.

This amazing skateboard is equipped with an 8.25 by 32.2-inch deck, which is usually the most suitable size range for heavy and tall riders. The deck has  7-ply maple wood construction and a mellow concave featuring the iconic Classic Eagle graphic.

The board is durable, sturdy, and poppy without costing your arm or leg. A slightly wider deck with a round nose and tail paired with 53 mm wheels performs excellent for all skateboarding styles.

This Classic Eagle is easy to ride and is suitable for all skill-level riders. All-terrain formula wheels roll fast and smooth, whether street, park, bowl, or vert- an easy ride over any surface.

In addition, the mellow concave deck lets beginners feel comfortable and get used to the board. Super smooth, fast, and durable, ABEC 5 allows the wheels to roll quietly.

Moreover, the Antihero skateboard is equipped with lightweight, Anchor Trucks – Classic trucks for shredding in any terrain. Anchor trucks are manufactured to be lightweight, durable, and made to take the worst street abuse you can put them through.

Anti-Hero offers a massive range of widths, shapes, and cool graphic design decks. It includes standard popsicle, old-school, and shaped decks to pair up with wheels, bearings, trucks and grip tapes for customized setups. In case you are interested.

Anti-Hero Skateboard ready for testing.
Anti-Hero Skateboard ready for testing.

Lastly, the complete skateboard is professionally assembled! Ready to ride right out of the box for people who don’t like gripping or assembling the skateboards.

We highly recommend this Antihero for every skill level from beginner to pro.

Baker Logo Red/WhiteHigh End Skateboards

Baker Logo complete- High End Skateboards
  • Deck Width: 8.25″
  • Material: Maple
  • Wheel Durometer: 99A
  • Wheel Size: 52 mm
  • Black Diamond Grip tape

Baker Logo Red/White Skateboard is the most popular and iconic board, preferred by many beginners worldwide. Baker Skateboard’s deck has a classic popsicle shape featuring mellow concave, making flipping easier without sticking to the feet, unlike steep concave.

In addition, the nose and tail are round, wide, and mellower, giving your foot plenty of space during the ride and tricks like nose-slides and tail-slides. The deck is 8.25″ wide and constructed with 100% North American Maple, the preferred choice of wood for both durability and strength.

In addition, the mellow concave of the board doesn’t sore your feet even after hours of skating, unlike steep concave boards.

The board offers a lot of pop and easy maneuverability and control when setting up for different flip tricks. The board feels solid and stable under your feet.

Baker Logo Skateboard after testing.
Baker Logo Skateboard after testing.

The complete skateboard includes Core Raw finish trucks and 52mm 99a Duro wheels for a softer, more forgiving ride. The small wheels offer optimal speed and control while learning street skating and skate tricks. In addition, the smaller wheel size is less susceptible for wheel bites and helps you ollie and perform tricks with ease!

Overall, the Baker brand logo skateboard is stiff, robust, flexible, and durable. If you want to do just cruising, commuting, or street and skatepark skating, this board is the right choice.

Birdhouse Complete Tony Hawk Falcon-Top Skateboard

birdhouse complete tony hawk falcon- top skateboard
  • 8.125″ wide 7- Ply deck
  • Birdhouse branded 5.25, Laser logo, Powder coated trucks
  • Birdhouse branded 52mm 100a wheels for a performance ride.
  • Abec 7 Bearings
  • Birdhouse branded die-cut grip tape

Another amazing skateboard from famous skateboard brand Birdhouse is Tony Hawk Falcon’s complete skateboard featuring the classic graphics on the black deck. This beautiful skateboard is equipped with Birdhouse branded 5.0 Raw finish trucks and 52mm  100a  wheels for a performance ride. It comes professionally assembled, ready to shred the street and skateparks.

The nose and the tail are not too steep, but at the same time, they aren’t like too low to where you cannot get a good pop-off for your tricks. In addition, with a medium concave,  these rigs are great for transitions skating and flip tricks, ollies, and heelflips.

Being inspired by  Tony Hawk, I own this board and have skated this a lot in streets and parks. The pop is superb, to say the least; even near the end of its lifespan, I am still ollieing up onto higher ledges with no difficulty.

Birdhouse boards will thrill people who like mellow concave boards like Blind or Toy Machine. I think you will be stunned by the populace and the responsiveness of this board.

Therefore, if you skate transition, street, or just like more tech stuff, we would recommend it to you, and it’s even suitable for beginners because it won’t sore their feet, and they might find flip tricks a lot easier. The 100 Duro wheels ride fast and perform great on smooth surfaces and skateparks.

Overall, a sturdy board with classic cool Tony Hawk graphic and perform incredibly for all skill levels.

How to choose the Best Complete Skateboard?

Choosing the right skateboard that suits you riding style plays a huge impact on your riding experience. A comfortable and easy to ride skateboard will let you learn the sport efficiently and will polish your skateboarding skills.

Whether you intend to cruise the streets, skate the park/ bowl, vert or do technical skating with style , you need to make sure picking the suitable skateboard for your riding style.

Skateboard companies offer variety of skateboards of varying deck shapes, widths, concave, wheel sizes, and trucks to choose from. A pre-assembled complete skateboard might be the right choice if you’re a beginner, as you can always upgrade skateboard components later once you figure out your skating style.

Pre-Assembled Skateboard Types

pre-assembled skateboard types

The skateboard shape is defined by the shape of its deck. There are plenty of skateboard deck shapes suitable to different riding styles.  Most common pre- assembled skateboard available in market features following deck shapes.

Standard Popsicle Skateboards

It is the most common, versatile skateboard featuring a double kick popsicle or band-aid shape and varying concavity. The standard skateboard comes in various widths and usually has small-sized (52mm-53mm) hard wheels, making it ideal for streets, pavements, and parks. The popsicle double-kick skateboard is THE standard skateboard for street/freestyle or modern school skating. You’ll find most people of all skill levels riding this skateboard in skateparks, verts, and streets.

Skateboard brands offer a range of deck widths with various eye-catching graphics. If you like to skate the street pavements, skateparks, bowls, or do technical skating tricks such as flip tricks, tre-flips, and 50-50s, then this is your go-to board.

Old-School Shaped Skateboard

Another popular skateboard shape is old school, also called shaped skateboards.

These skateboards are much broader and have longer wheelbases with large soft wheels than standard skateboards. The old-school skateboards have an asymmetrical shape, meaning they have a round, wide nose and a single kicktail. Moreover, these skateboards feature decks with > 8.5″.

Interestingly, these skateboards are more stable and easier to ride but harder to perform tricks on as they are wide, thick, and hefty. Extra width and short noses make old-school skateboards hard to flip or do tricks with.

Great for street cruising, bowl skating, and transportation because wider trucks and big soft wheels make the ride smooth and fast.

The old-school skateboards are great for beginners learning stability and bowl skaters who like skating ramps, bowls, or carving the streets. 

Cruiser Skateboard

The Cruiser skateboards are usually equipped with wider decks than a standard skateboard and big soft wheels. Therefore, more space for foot placement results in a stable ride. Cruiser skateboards feature various shapes, graphics, and sizes.

Cruiser skateboards feature a flat or small curved tail ( single kicktail) and a flat pointy nose. In addition, wide soft wheels provide more grip and absorb shock, resulting in a fast, smooth ride over cracks, pavements, and rough terrain.

The riders may use the single Kicktail of the cruiser skateboard o perform an ollie up a curb, gap, or a crack.

Cruiser skateboards have been designed for leisurely riding, cruising, skating bowls, and commuting due to easy maneuverability and gentle smooth ride. Recommended for beginners, casual skaters, and kids shredding streets and skateparks.

Longboard Skateboard

As the name implies, these skateboards are longer than standard skateboards, usually longer than 34″ or more.

Longboard skateboards are the right choice for riders who desire to push a skateboard around for commuting, cruising, carving, and sliding. Their big soft wheels provide more grip, stability, and high-speed ride whether you commute or go for downhill riding. However, they are big, hefty and not suitable for tricks and skateparks.

Similarly, boards feature various concaves, mellow medium or steep concave, and are usually labeled in the product’s description. If not, it means the deck has medium concave.

How to Choose Best Skateboard Size

When buying a complete skateboard, the only thing to consider is picking out the correct skateboard size and style. Once you figure out your board type ( standard, cruiser or longboard), the next step is checking the following factors.

Deck Size

A deck is the platform where a rider stands. Deck size is the most crucial and only factor you need to check for buying a complete skateboard as it’s going to affect your riding experience. In general wider boards feel more stable, whereas the narrow decks feel more play full.

Please refer to the following skateboard size chart

Best Skateboard Size chart

Consider our skateboard sizing guide as a general rule.

Adult Skateboard Size

For adults, a deck width of 8.0″ is the best starting size for most riding styles. It is usually recommended to match the deck width to your shoe size.

  • 7.5″ to 8″ – Preferred by most riders for skating streets and technical skating.
  • 8.0″ to 8.75″ – Suitable for cruising streets, pools, bowls, transition and skateparks.
  • 9″ and larger – Best for transition, vert, pools, cruising and commuting.

You can always try different skateboard widths and determine which one you enjoys the most. It’s all personal preference, which board you feel comfortable with.

Are Bigger or Smaller Skateboards Better for Beginners?

Wider boards are ideal for entry-level and casual skaters as they provide balanced and controlled ride, and let them learn the basics efficiently. In addition bigger board has longer wheel base which is easier to ride. Moreover, using bigger wheel setup will provide more grip and prevent the board from sliding away.

Skateboard Concavity

Skateboards feature various concaves, mellow medium or steep concave, and are usually labeled in the product’s description. If not, it means the deck has medium concave.

Most ridders prefer medium concave board for comfortable ride.

Skateboard Trucks

You don’t need to worry about truck size in pre-assembled skateboards as the skateboard brand installs them. Moreover, the truck’s size is proportionate to the deck’s width.

However, you can check the truck’s material. Aluminum alloy trucks are lightweight and durable.

Tip: Avoid choosing skateboards having plastic trucks. All skateboard trucks come with medium bushings, and most people stick to them as they provide easy turning. However, you turn the nut on kingpin to tighten or loosen the bushings for a stiffer or looser feel.

Skateboard Wheels

Typically best complete skateboards have small (52mm-54mm) wheels of hardness 90a -100a for skating the street and skateparks. The small size of the wheels is less prone to wheel bite while swift turnings and doing tricks.
However, if you are a casual skater and do tricks, you can choose a board with big soft wheels(60mm) for a stable, quiet and swift ride.

Skateboard Wheels' hardness

Big Soft wheels are fast and smooth whereas , small wheels are more responsive and great for skateparks and tricks.

Skateboard Bearings

Each skateboard has two bearings sitting inside its inner walls. Typically Skateboard companies use ABEC 3 5 or 7 steel bearings. However, you can always upgrade your set-up with ceramic bearings for a more fast ride. Moreover, keeping your bearings clean will let your wheels roll faster.

Do Skateboard Completes Come With Grip Tape?

Complete skateboards come with grip tape already applied on the deck. The grip tape is usually black and sometimes start tearing after a few sessions.
However, you can always replace that and customize your deck with colored or graphic designed grip tapes.

What to avoid when buying a complete Skateboard?

Please try avoiding buying skateboards with the following:

  • Plastic skateboard decks
  • Plastic trucks or any fixed trucks
  • ABEC 1 rated steel bearings
  • Hard plastic wheels or super-soft rubber wheels

Final Thoughts

There are no hard and fast rules for what board you choose or what size you must select in skateboarding. It’s all about personal preference and having fun. All decks are going to break at some point, but if you pick a high-quality one, it will last you much longer.
Some top quality skateboards recommendations after hours of test session are;

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Get A Prebuilt Complete Or Build My Own?

We suggest buying a complete skateboard for first-time skaters because most complete boards are affordable and are designed by skate brands keeping beginners in mind.

So, go for a complete skateboard and figure out if skateboarding is your cup of tea. You can always custom-build your skateboard later once you figure out what board size suits you and your riding style.

What are the best skateboards out there?

The best skateboard in the world for all ages and skill level are;

1.Blind complete Skateboards
2.Santa Cruz Classic Dot
3.Call 7 complete Skateboards
4.Powell Peralta Ripper One
5.Creature Complete skateboards

How much is a good skateboard?

A quality skateboard costs between $75 and $150, depending on the brand. Complete skateboards relatively cost you less, whereas custom-built skateboards may cost you more, depending on your chosen components. In addition, buying skate shoes, protective gear, and apparel are additional costs.

How big is a 8.0 skateboard?

Most 8.0”wide decks are 31.75” or 32.0’’ long. Although ,there is no fixed length for skateboards . It can be shorter or longer depending on brand and shape of the board.

Is an 8.25 skateboard good for beginners?

For adult beginners, 8.0″ to 8.25″ wide boards are ideal for entering into the skateboarding world. You’ll find most skateboards in these sizes.

Is 8.0 a good skateboard size?

8.0″ skateboard size is the most common size you’ll encounter in skateboards and is the preferable size of most skaters worldwide.

What size skateboard do I need for my height?

Please refer to the list of heights to skateboard sizes;

  • Young skaters of 4ft 6″ or shorter: 7.25″ to 7.75″ wide board
  • Teenage riders 4ft 6″to 5ft 6 “: 7.75″ to 8.0” wide board
  • 5ft 6″ or taller: 8.0″ to 8.5″ wide board

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